Bow is a weapon used by Garrett in Thief. He can use it to fire a range of different types of arrows with varying effects:

  • Broadhead Arrow - to kill guards
  • Water Arrow - to extinguish torches to distract guards or create shadow.
  • Fire Arrow - to set fire to oil spills around guards or to kill them
  • Blunt Arrow - An arrow without a tip, this can be fired at walls to distract guards
  • Rope Arrow - to climb to elevated heights otherwise inaccessible.
  • Choke Arrow - unknown

[edit] Upgrades

Name Upgrade Description Cost
Bow Balancing
1 Slightly reduces aiming time ---
2 Slightly reduces aiming time 700G
Bow Shot Strength
1 Slightly increases arrow damage ---
2 Moderately increases arrow damage 900G
3 Greatly increases arrow damage ---
Quiver Capacity
1 Slightly increases the maximum capacity of arrows ---
2 Greatly increases the maximum capacity of arrows 600G

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