A list of newspaper articles found in Thief. 1. The Benefits of Strict Curfew – Chapter 1 or Basso’s mission Medical Mystery 2. Clock Tower Stops Again! – Chapter 1 (dup in city – Stonemarket-Blackfurrow in house where lady talks about hiding her mom’s ring outside 3. Who Watches the Watch Hounds? – Chapter 1 (dup: City-Stonemarket-Sick Willy’s Town house 4. Lockdown! – City-Stonemarket-Watch Councils Office after Chapter 1 5. Star of Auldale Necklace – in Clock Tower after Chapter 1 (I couldn’t collect it until I bought the DLC) 6. Treason! – The Cripple Burrick after Chapter 1 near Basso 7. Northcrest Unbowed! – The Cripple Burrick after Chapter 1 in the bar 8. No Old Gods for the New City! – the Chapel after Chapter 1 9. Break-In! – Stonemarket-Baron’s Way South after Chapter 2 in taxidermist house 10. Beware of Over-Active Imaginations! – South Quarter – Poet’s Abode (Basso job The Disappearing Poet) after Chapter 2 11. The New Watch Laws and You! – South Quarter-Skinmarket after Chapter 2 (or Basso Job Fit for a Queen after Ch. 4) 12. Literary Greatness Lost – South Quarter-Old Postmaster’s House (2nd floor) after Chapter 2 13. Carnival Boat High and Dry! – South Quarter-Fish Hawker’s Market – in secret room behind 2 dogs after Chapter 2 14. Turn Not to Protest! – South Quarter-Raker’s Ditch in the fence’s house (during Ector job Silence is Golden) after Chapter 3 15. Blackhands of Riverside! – South Quarter-Glimmer Lane in Eel Biter’s Squat (entrance is the mattress on ground) after Chapter 3 (or during Basso mission Poor Protection after Ch 4) 16. Charlatan Remidies! – The Siren’s Rest upstairs near Vitorri after Chapter 3 (note: this disappears after Ch 4!) 17. Riots In Dayport! – South Quarter-near Illyrian Traders after Chapter 4 (from the start of South Quarter, go to end of Glimmer Lane to the railing, go left onto the roof. You are on top of Illyrian Traders. Paper is on bench down on the other side. 18. Fires of Revolution! – South Quarter-Siren’s Rest – behind the bar after Chapter 4 19. Manhunt! – when at red light area near Chapter 3 start, go all the way down to river, then go left up the stairs to locked door. It is a 4-combo lock. Paper is on barrel in back

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