Carnal Connoisseur

Carnal Connoisseur is one of two Vittori side missions available.

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[edit] Description

Vittori wants me to find and return his astounding exhibit named Octopuss. an eight-legged cat. The rumours have already begun that a certain collection in Riverside already acquired it.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Steal the Octopuss
+ Escape the Collector's Lodge

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Value
Remain undetected 225 G
No kills or knockouts 115 G
1 aerial takedown 70 G
Lift all lift items 290 G

Client Job Stats
Collectible Loot: 3
Common Loot Items: 27
Pockets to Pick: 4
Locks to Pick: None
Threats (Guards): 4
Top Tips

Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this client job:

  • Bring at least one rope arrow into the mission to facilitate your infiltration.
  • Water and blunt arrows are also very useful if you wish to streak through the mission undetected and without harming anyone.
  • You can’t complete the “no kills or knockouts” and “1 aerial takedown” Thieving Challenges on the same attempt. Decide which one you prefer.
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