City Heritage Plagues

City Heritage Plagues are a record of the various historic buildings and monuments through The City.

[edit] City Heritage Plagues

Name Location Description
The Crippled Burrick Tavern --- Moved from its Original Site after the Fires of NRy662
Stonemarket Clock Tower Stonemarket An Eternal Clock for The Eternal City, Righted by the Guild of Engineers & Guild of Wheel-Wrights.
Customs House Bridge --- Heritage Site -- Section of an Original Structure which survived The Great Tempest of y624
Caslysle's Mill --- Heritage Site -- Last Holdings of the Family Carlysle constructed in [date worn away]
Our Lady of the Iron Litany Chapel --- [The following is heavily defaced:] Hope From Within
Ulysses Northcrest's Obelisk --- Northcrest The First
Cast Aside the Yokes of the Old Gods
Obediah Northcrest's Obelisk --- Dedicated to the Wandering Baron
Wherever He Roamed Now He Lies
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