Client Collectible

Client Collectibles is loot that Garrett has been specifically asked to acquire during a mission, such as Cornelius' Ring during the Chapter 2 mission "Dust to Dust". This type of loot is often asked for during the progression of the mission and are weaved in as part of the narrative. Client Collectibles differ from Unique Loot as the latter are items stolen by Garrett for his own personal collection.

Name Mission Location
Jewelled Mask Lockdown In the front of Serendi Jewellers, pick the lock of the draw in the front room and inside will be the mask.
Cornelius' Ring Dust to Dust
Ritual Book Dirty Secrets
Mechanical Hand Hand Tailored (Client Job)
Voice Box Silence is Golden (Client Job)
Automaton's Heart Heartbroken (Client Job)
The Talking Skull Happy Medium (Client Job)
The Octopuss Carnal Connoisseur (Client Job)
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