Dirty Secrets

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Dirty Secrets is the fourth mission in the game Thief accessible by Raker's Ditch and entering the House of Blossoms. It can only be initiated once the mission "Dust to Dust" has been completed.


[edit] Description

Orion, voice of the people and the original client who wanted the ring, now wants a rare and special tome that can be found within the House of Blossoms. The well-to-do brothel for the filthy rich and famous seems like a strange place to find a book but Orion seems sure it will be there somewhere. Discretion is advised.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Find the Entrance to the Brothel
+ Get into the House of Blossoms
+ Explore the Brothel for Clues
+ Access Xiao-Xiao's Secret Passage
+ Find the Mysterious Podium
+ Discover the Remaining Symbols
+ Place the Medallion on the Podium
+ Explore the Ancient Ruins
+ Search the Abandoned Library for the Book
+ Enter the Central Tower
+ Remove the Ritual Book
+ Escape the Ancient Ruins

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Playstyle Reward
Remain undetected Ghost 300 G
No kills or knockouts Opportunist 250 G
5 aerial takedowns Predator 200 G
Lift all loot items Hybrid 250 G

Chapter Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 5
Common Loot Items: 57
Pockets to Pick: 21
Locks to Pick: 7
Threats (Guards): 18
Top Tips

Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this story chapter:

  • The Wire Cutter tool comes in handy. It can disable traps and can be used to instantly kill everyone in the brothel. This tool is also necessary if you wish to find all of the chapter’s collectible loot items.
  • Water Arrows, Blunt Arrows, Choke Arrows, and Flash Bombs are all valuable if you’re hoping to pass through the level undetected and without knocking out or killing anyone.
  • You can’t complete the “no kills or knockouts” and “5 aerial takedowns” Thieving Challenges in one playthrough. It’s also extremely difficult (if not impossible) to lift all of the common loot items without killing/knocking out certain guards, or at the very least being detected. If you’re hoping to find all of the loot, consider going for aerial takedowns during the same playthrough.
  • The guards in this chapter wear heavy chain mail that makes them tough to defeat in direct combat. If you prefer the Predator’s path, upgrade your “Combat” Focus ability, increase your blackjack damage and leather hardening upgrades, and bring a full supply of choke and broadhead arrows to simplify combat.

Objective 1: Find the Entrance to the Brothel

[edit] Area 1: Warrens

Dirty Secrets Loot 1.jpg
# Items
1 Wineglass
2 Brooch
3 Wineglass
4 Ancient Vessel
Collectible Loot
38 Jewelwing

You start this chapter in a darkened alley, not too far from your destination, The House of Blossoms. There is a guard patrolling nearby. Watch him as he escorts a rich gentlemen toward the location of the brothel. Sneak silently north through the shadows, following them as they go. As you go collect a wineglass and a throwable item from nearby the north wall then slowly sneak, or swoop, east keeping to the wall and slipping through. It feels uncomfortably close to the guards but don't worry, they won't notice you. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (1/57))

Thieving Challenges
If you're approaching this mission stealthily as to not knockout or kill a single guard, this walkthrough caters for you and tells you exactly how to do it.

Light 'Em Up!
If you're playing the opportunist way, you'll notice if you use Garrett's Focus ability a red valve behind the guard with the torch. Hitting that with an arrow will jetison flames at the guard setting him alight. The guard closest to you will then be distracted by the ensuing chaos which leaves him open for you to silently take him out from behind with the Blackjack. There are many similar exploits littered throughout the mission, so keep an eye out for them.

Once you are passed the guard, climb on to a pipe running along the eastern wall. Head south along the pipe to find a brooch. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (2/57)). Backtrack across the pipe and descend the north stairs and keep on going until you catch up with the rich gentlemen. The guard escorting him to the brothel seems to be having trouble opening the door, use this opportunity to sneak up behind the gentleman and picking his pockets. Grab all three before the guard opens the gate and they continue on their way.

[edit] Crawl Space Shortcut

Again, if you're going for the Ghost means of getting through this chapter, or if you're after the 5 aerial takedowns thieving challenge, don't follow the men through the now open gate. Backtrack after picking the pocket and unscrew a nearby vent to access a hidden vent passageway. This will bring you out to a series of high rising beams that overlook a stairwell. There is no other way to access these beams. If you're quick enough you can perform an aerial takedown on the guard escort, or the rich gentlemen from this height, however doing so will cause you to be detected. Instead allow the rich man and his escort to continue on their journey to the next area, waiting for their discussion to end. This will ensure they have moved on. Upon their dialogue ending, use a throwable to lure over one of the guards into the nearby stairwell (there will be two to choose from, it doesn't matter which). The moment he arrives, take him down with an aerial takedown. (AT.png "5 aerial takedowns" (1/5)) There is another guard nearby also who will be close enough to hear the commotion going on and will investigate. Immediately after taking one or the other down, flee the scene and back to the stairwell, racing back into the crawl space and back on to the beams, hopefully the other guard will still be investigating by the time you return and then take him down, also, with an aerial takedown. (AT.png "5 aerial takedowns" (2/5)) Of course, the takedowns are completely optional depending on which thieving challenge you're going for, should you pass up these opportunities go east across the beams to reach a side room that doesn't appear on your map. Slide down the slope to the north and quickly descend to the bottom stairwell, circumventing the guards. However, it is worth noting that there is a one-way entry point; once you drop from the beam there is no going back the way you came in, unless of course you backtrack up the stairwell.

[edit] Wire Cutter Shortcut

If you have acquired the wire cutter tool by this point in the story (you should have, it's immensely useful!) you can now access the hidden passed filled to the brim with things to loot. Move back to the starting point of the chapter and look at the pipes above you. Climb atop these to reach a control box on the west side. Use the wire cutter tool to hack the trap, drop down and open the new door to access the secret room. You could have of course entered this room earlier but you would have missed the opportunity to pick pocket the rich man. This new room will have a Poppy, some food and a small box containing some broadhead arrows. There is also a fire arrow in the table desk drawer. Head north once you have acquired these items and climb a create to reach the higher passage. As you climb into the passage a Raven will fly away, leaving behind some collectible loot for you. How nice. Pick it up and you'll now one pieces of the items from the Pinned Castinets series, Jewelwing. If you want to continue to the passages end and you'll have taken quite a serious shortcut to the stairwell, completely avoiding the guards. However you also miss quite a bit of loot so backtracking as you have is the best approach to take.

[edit] The Direct Approach

Descend the north stairs once again and move along the path that the rich man took. Look to the ground as you do so and be careful of the broken glass littered across the ground, sneak slowly passed and then swipe the wineglass on the nearby barrel. Take a look round the corner to spy two guards; one walks a short patrol while the other remain stationary in the corner covered in light. These two are tough to slip past if you don't take the shortcuts mentioned previously, although if you don't want to, using Water Arrows does make slipping past them possible. Wait for the patrolling guard to move north, away from the stationary guard, and then sneak forward just enough to angle your bow and arrow at the overhead wall brazier, making sure you don't move in to the stationary guards line of sight though. Fire your water arrow at the hanging light source. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (3/57)) Now it's dark, try sneaking past the guard to grab the food on the barrel. This is very risky though, so if you'd rather not try it's not a problem - it's completely optional. Sneak west moving to the south end of the passage that the guard is patrolling when he pauses standing across from the other guard, sneak up behind him and pick his pocket. Make sure you steal both purses around his waist. Follow him north again and when he pauses, slip past him quietly remaining undetected. Don't swoop as this will startle the nearby caged bird.

Having a Gas
If you prefer the aggressive approach, remain at the passage’s south end and use a blunt arrow to shatter the west wall’s valve. Do this while the patrolling guard is standing near the valve, and he’ll be blasted with toxic gas. This draws the stationary guard away from his post, allowing you to grab the food that sits on the barrel near the stationary guard and then sneak downstairs. Unfortunately, this also causes the caged bird to detect you.

After you sneak past the patrolling guard and the bird drop down to the lower passage at the bottom of the stairs, sneaking past the guards, and continue moving downstairs. As you descend the stairwell mvoe into the nook to the west and spy an anchor beam above you, fire a rope arrow at it and climb up. Climb to the top to gain access to a small storage room containing an ancient vessel, take it and head back down. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (4/57))

If you were unable to hack the control box back in the starting room, you can leap from your rope to reach the secret passage and backtrack along the passage to claim the aforementioned Jewelwing and resources.

Objective 2: Get into the House of Blossoms

[edit] Area 2: Entrance

Dirty Secrets Loot 2.jpg
# Items
5 Ancient Ingot
6 Wineglass

Descend down the stairs, still following the rich man. As you reach the bottom take a look in the west alcove for some food. Your destination is just ahead, the House of Blossoms but the man is held up outside of the gate. He seems to have misplaced his invitation, how clumsy of him. Sneak through the eastern shadows and explore the dead end to find an Ancient Ingot. ((Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (5/57)) After picking the ingot up, head back north and climb the north wall to reach an alley. Be careful as there is a vase nearby, knocking that over will raise the guards suspicions. You've now reached the door to the House of Blossoms, but there is a more interesting way to get inside other than through the front door. Collect the wineglass on the ground to the west and then backtrack to the alley's east end. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (6/57))

[edit] Brothel Break-In

Climb the alley's east crates to reach a higher platform. Climb further to get even higher to reach the narrow beam and move across to the secret passage on the alley's west end. Side down the slope to reach the secret passage. This is a one-way trip; you can’t return once you’ve slid down, so make sure you’ve collected the wineglass from the alley. Slip through the narrow space that follows, shoving a fallen beam out of your way as you go. Scale the pipes beyond the narrow space to reach a high open window. Climb through to infiltrate the House of Blossoms. You’ll land in the storage room on the east side of the foyer’s south end, right next to some food.

Objective 3: Explore the Brothel for Clues

[edit] Area 3: Lower Level

Dirty Secrets Loot 3.jpg
# Item
Foyer: South End
7 Hand mirrow
8 Coin purse
9 Coin purse
10 Hand mirrow
11 Spoon
12 Scissors
13 Scissors
14 Spoon
15 Wineglass
Foyer: Central Hall
16 Letter opener
17 Ashtray
18 Wineglass
19 Perfume bottle
20 Brooch
Foyer: North End
27 Spoon
28 Perfume bottle
29 Brooch
30 Urn
31 Hairbrush
32 Ashtray

By entering through this secret entrance you will find yourself in a small storage room. Pick up the food on the floor if you are requiring it and pass through the curtained doorway to enter the foyer. As you move through you'll see a woman move to the east, moving away from you. As she is moving away from you be quick and swipe the sparkly earrings she's wearing. If you are playing through this chapter performing aerial takedowns and are after all the loot in this chapter, you can take down this woman to receive the same affects; knock her out as she enters the east door to enter the kitchen. Don't worry about being detected, no one will notice lest you startle the woman in the process (the guards aren't around and those that are nearby are too high to care enough to take notice!) Regardless of whether or not you opt to knock her out, once you have taken the earrings get to looting the Foyer: South End. You can enter lighter areas here as anyone in them is too high to take notice of you, so don't worry about being detected here either. Collect a hand mirror and a coin purse from the table in the southeast and then go north and collect another coin purse from the coffee table. Head west once you have that and raid the drawers of another table, scoring another hand mirror and a spoon (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (11/57))

[edit] Kitchen Approach

Head back to the eastern side of the area and pass through the east curtains to reach a small room, if you knocked out the woman previously then she will have not opened the door and therefore it will still remain shut. Peer through the keyhole so make sure the guard in the room isn't near the door, if he is then simply wait for him to start walking toward you and then he will head east and out of sight, when he is, open the door. However if you didn't knock her out the door will be open so take a pause in the doorway to locate the guard and you'll find the woman is working her magic on the guard in question. Wait in the shadows for them to finish talking and head downstairs to the Kitchen.

[edit] Kitchen

There will be a cabinet nearby, enter it to save your progress and then when the guard leaves the kitchen by the north stairs. Once they have left through there they won't return for... obvious reasons. If you didn't knock out the woman, watch her as she mixes some drinks near the bar while another woman appears to tend to an opium vat.

[edit] Dropping In

There are several options exploitable in the Kitchen. Move east down the south hall and head up the climbable wall that leads to the over pipes in the Kitchen, but only if you're after the aerial takedown thieving challenge. This gives you the prime opportunity to jump down on the woman tending to the opium vat. This option will cause the other woman who is mixing the drinks to be alerted to your presence, which is why it is a better idea to knock her out earlier when you have the chance when first entering the foyer. Assuming you have done that, simply make your move on the woman and knock her out from above. From there you can easily start looting the Kitchen. (AT.png "Perform 5 aerial takedowns" (3/5))

[edit] Sneaking Through

Should you not wish to knock anyone out then you can also use the overhead pipes to sneak through the west hall, which is your destination through the Kitchen. Make your way across the pipes and drop down on to the crates to the south. This path will ensure that you entirely miss the women, the downside to this approach however is that you won't be able to collect all the loot in the kitchen, this failing the "Lift all loot items" Thieving Challenge. You can try if you like, but you'll likely find it difficult without getting caught or distracting the women with throwables.

[edit] Gassing the Brothel

However, those aren't the only options available to you. Oh no, there is a much more fun approach to take if you have the Wire Cutter tool at your disposal. Sneak across to the south balcony and open the locked door to the east. Loot the table beyond the door and find some scissors and then press the switch on the wall to turn off the lights, this will also darken the eastern balcony in the process. Drop down the to lower level and move through the crawl space and leads underneath the opium cooker. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (12/57)) If you have space left in your inventory, and somehow managed to injure yourself from entering the brothel and now, then pick up the food at the end of the crawl space. Identify the nearby wall box (use Focus if you need to) and pry it open and cut the wire, sabotaging the opium cooker. Move back out of the crawl space and climb back into the room you darkened, if you didn't turn the lights off then now would be the opportune time to before leaving the room. Now the lights are out, take a look over the east railing and identify the lever near the woman tending to the opium. Get over the railing and land on the table below. Slowly sneak over to the lever and pull it. Pulling the lever will release a toxic amount of opium into the building, killing everyone; both civilians and guards. This does make looting the place infinitely easier but ruins the chance of obtaining the "no kills or knockout" bonus and guarantees the predator rating at the end of the mission. Oh well. Garrett remains alive, thankfully, due to his mask protecting him.

[edit] Looting the Kitchen

Choosing to Gas the brothel will lead to the Kitchen being really easy to loot. Deciding to go for the aerial takedown will also lead to the Kitchen being easy to loot, even if you didn't perform and knockouts the Kitchen is still somewhat lootable, assuming you knocked out the woman in the foyer. Even with no knockouts, the kitchen is still available to plunder just with a lot more challenge. After pressing the east room's light switch sneak over to the kitchen's eastern railing and, as you would if gassing everyone, land on the table. Carefully drop from the table and loot the drawer to the right and take some scissors, all the while trying not to be spotted. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (13/57)) Climb back on to the table and then back over the railing and make your way back to the east hall. Head back down the south hall and descend the stairs. Remaining in the shadows on the stairs, select the Blunt Arrow from the weapons menu and aim it at the opium cooker, distracting the woman at the bar. While she is distracted quickly loot the food, spoon, and wineglass from the bar and then quickly head back to the western shadow, making sure you don't swoop. Doing so will attract the attention of the woman. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (15/57))

[edit] Foyer: Central Hall

Now head to the wall to the west, the overhead pipes mentioned previously will help you get there if you're confused where to go. There will be cabinet there, go in it to save your progress and then peek round the edge of the west door which takes you back to the Foyer.

There will be a guard patrolling on the other side of the door if you didn't knock out everyone in the brothel as well as a stationary guard on the south wall. Be wary when moving through this area of these guards.

Remain in the doorway and learn the guard's patrol path and wait until he starts walking towards you, before heading through the door he will turn and head in another direction and out of sight, when he does that sneak past him heading straight down the corridor, snuffing all the candles as you go. Make sure they're all extinguished before the guard returns and if you're successful in this endeavor he won't notice the light vanishing from the room and you'll have plenty of darkness to have fun in. Head to the west table and loot the letter opener from there as you wait for the patrolling guard to make his return and when he does, swoop behind him and pick his pocket. Then swipe the ashtray from the bookshelf in the north of the room, then climb on to the south partition wall and snatch the wineglass from there. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot" (18/57)) Dropping down from the wall and back into the darkened room, sneak your way south and head for the candlelit table with the caged bird near the stair case to the west. So long as you remain in the couched position no one will be able to see you even when you're in the light. Snuff out the candles as quick as you like the raid the table for valuables like a perfume bottle. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (19/57)) Many more valuables await you in the north end of the foyer, but due to the amount of light in this area it's very risky unless you're willing to knock out the patrolling guard. This is required as there are two patrolling guards in this area and moving as to avoid both patrols is unnecessarily tricky. Not only will you need to avoid the two guard patrols but also the line of sight from the two guards on the balcony's above who peer over the side. Should you be okay with being detected then it matters not, but if you're being more cautious taking those high rising guards will be detrimental to the successful plundering of the north end of the foyer without getting caught. So, knock out the guard in the central hall so he won't be a problem in the future and move on up the west stairs (regardless of whether or not you knock him, head this way also) to the upper level of the building. Collect the brooch from the shelf on the landing as you make your way up and then use the cabinet nearby to save your progress. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items (20/57))

Rope Arrow Shortcut
If you have a rope arrow, you can use it to circumvent the Upper Level guards and reach Madame Xiao-Xiao’s office in short order. Pursue the Lower Level’s patrolling guard around the central foyer, following him through a curtain to reach a save cabinet. Pinch out the nearby candle, then climb atop the save cabinet and look up to spot a high overhead anchor beam. Lodge a rope arrow into the beam, then climb up before the patrolling guard returns. When you reach the top of the rope, you can leap either into Madame Xiao-Xiao’s unguarded office or over to the Upper Level balcony’s southeast end.

When you reach he building's second floor climb onto the pipes and scale the wall to reach a high crawl space.

[edit] Area 4: Upper level

Dirty Secrets Loot 4.jpg
# Item
Balcony and Bedrooms
21 Perfume bottle
22 Hairbrush
23 Perfume bottle
24 Perfume bottle
25 Hairbrush
Madame Xiao-Xiao's Office
33 Ashtray
34 Hairbrush
35 Necklace
36 Letter opener
Madame Xiao-Xiao's Chamber
37 Perfume bottle
38 Coin purse
39 Hand mirror
40 Brooch
41 Pocket watch
42 Necklace
Collectible Loot
39 Emerald Circle
64 Coyle's Combination
65 List of Constellations
66 Strongbox Registry
67 Madame Xiao-Xiao's Diary

In the crawl space is a piece of collectible loot entitled the "Emerald Circle" and is part of the Serendi Stone Circles collectibles. Move the west and take a look through the window and you'll see the balcony guards mentioned earlier stopping you from looting that north end of the foyer, make a mental note of him for future reference. Drop from the open vent and land on the bed, open the east door and slip out of the bedroom. Don't worry about the occupants noticing you they are otherwise preoccupied. Raid the drawers of the room's table and loot the perfume bottle and the letter opener atop. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (21/57)) Return to the previous room approach the curtained door, but don't go all the way through it yet. You'll notice a patrolling guard who you can either knock out when he enters the shadows, if you intend to raid the north end of the foyer this is preferable, it you can slip out of the room and follow him around the balcony. If you sneak the other guard to the south won't notice you there. Assuming you're tailing the guard instead if knocking him out pick his pockets and duck into the southeast bedroom. Search the bedroom for loot and on the nightstand find a perfume bottle and a hair brush. There will also be a crawl space above the bookshelf in the south of the room, climb it and enter. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (23/57)) There will be nothing of value here, but drop on the other side out of the open vent into the northeast bedroom. Take the perfume bottle (don't worry about the occupants) and then carefully approach the doorway. Pull the curtain away just wide enough to see what's going on in the hall beyond. The guard you were following earlier will still be patrolling if you didn't opt to knock him out. Wait for him to arrive and then sneak out of the room. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (24/57)) Pursue the north guard if you didn't knock him out heading for the stairs to the north which lead back down to the foyer. Take the hairbrush as you go. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (25/57)) Duck into the stairwell but don't head downstairs yet. If the guard is still patrolling use this area as a retreat location for when you snuff the candles on the level without being spotted. Once the area is completely void of candlelight, loot the ashtray on the north table. ({[TC}} "Lift all loot items" (26/57))

[edit] North Foyer Robber

Now knock out the balcony guard if not done so, so you can raid the north foyer you saw previously. You can do this by swooping after him as he peers over the side of the balcony and taking him out - you can even pick his pockets beforehand if you wish to. Be careful of the caged bird near the guard, but he won't be bothered as long as you don't swoop too close to the guard. Now there is only one more guard to take care of, peer over the north edge to see him below. There will be a chandelier above the guard that can be knocked down with the use of Blunt Arrow, should you be an opportunist. This will cause you to become detected however, so Ghost players will want to avoid this way of dealing the guard. Another way is to descend the north stairs, sneak up behind the guard and knocking him out.

[edit] The Shakedown

Descend the north stairs and peer through the keyhole of the door on the landing and watch as the Thief-Taker General shakesdown Madame Xiao-Xiao. Use the cabinet nearby to save your progress and then continue to raid the north foyer.

[edit] Area 3: Lower Level (Revisited)

The main foyer’s north end is filled with plunder. Grab a spoon and some food off the west coffee table, and search the east table’s drawers to find a perfume bottle and a brooch. Swipe the urn off the small table between the chairs near the room’s center, and collect the hairbrush that sits atop the south table. (The south table’s drawers are empty.) Lastly, collect the ashtray that sits on the south couch. Nabbing all of these valuables from this well-lit area without being noticed by the two patrolling guards and the balcony guards above is extremely challenging, if not impossible. It may be possible to plunder the place undetected by causing distractions, using choke arrows, and dropping flash bombs, but quietly knocking out all of the guards is certainly much easier. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (32/57))

[edit] Sneaking into Madame Xiao-Xiao's Office

To enter Madame Xiao-Xiao’s office undetected and without harming any guards (assuming you haven’t used the aforementioned rope arrow shortcut), tail the balcony guard back around his patrol and duck into the northwest bedroom. Move to the southwest bedroom and peek through the curtain. Save your game, and when the balcony’s southwest guard is peering over the railing, sneak past him and enter the nearby south hall. (Don’t swoop or you’ll startle the caged bird) When the guard moves again, he’ll be in a perfect position for pickpocketing. Steal his valuables and swipe the letter from the nearby table as well. Retreat back into the hall and enter the cabinet at its end to save.

[edit] Madame Xiao-Xiao's Office

You’re now very close to your objective. Open the north door to enter Xiao-Xiao’s office, and begin searching around for clues. Pocket all valuables in the office, including the ashtray on the shelf, the hairbrush on the coffee table, and the necklace and letter opener you find in the desk’s drawers. Beware that you’re still visible to the balcony’s guards while moving about in the light. Inspect the book atop the desk to obtain a new document. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (36/57))

Party Crasher
If you like, you can fire a blunt arrow at the chandelier that hangs over the south foyer to cause a massive distraction down there. No guards will be harmed by this, and you’ll be detected if you bring down the chandelier, so there’s no good reason to do this unless you’re feeling particularly destructive (and after some bonus Opportunist points).

When you’re finished searching the office, pick the locked east door to enter Madame Xiao-Xiao’s private chamber. Read the diary on the table to get the clues you seek and to obtain this chapter’s final document.

Objective 4: Access Xiao-Xiao's Secret Passage

Search the drawers of the table to find a perfume bottle an then open the locked chest to find a coin purse and a hand mirror. There is a brooch on the shelf to the east too, grab that while you're there. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (40/57)) You can find the combination to the wall safe by looking at the documents you have discovered throughout the brothel, you'll need to cross-reference a few of them to get the full combination. Assuming you have done that, enter the wall safe code 5-7-3 to gain access. Nab the valuable pocket watch and necklace from within. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (42/57)) The east wall safe will, however, be booby trapped, so with the wire cutter tool and the use of the Focus ability locate the control box and sabotage it to avoid taking any damage. Once the room has been completely looted search the painting on the wall and located the two hidden triggers around the frame (you know the drill by now) which will cause the wall to revolve sending you into the hidden passage. Doing this leaves you no way of heading back into the office, so make sure you've done everything you want before doing this.

Objective 5: Find the Mysterious Podium

[edit] Area 5: Secret Passage

Dirty Secrets Loot 5.jpg
# Item
43 Urn

If you read Xiao-Xiao's diary, you'll know there is a mysterious podium somewhere in this passage. Descend the stairs and head further into the passage down the corridor. As you head down the corridor, you will come across two peep holes, looking through them will show a couple of interesting and experimental amorous endeavors. Through the second hole, Garrett will receive a vision of Erin. Once the vision ends it turns out the room was never occupied as it had originally appeared. As you continue down the passage you will come across a small podium, this is the one mention in the diary entry. Incidentally, the key you found in Erin's hideout fits into the podium (this happens between missions, however this walkthrough only covers the missions themselves, it is an unavoidable instance though so don't worry - you have it by this point). It would seem you need to find the right combination on the key before putting in the podium before it will work, so lets get to finding these symbols.

Objective 6: Discover the Remaining Symbols

The first symbol can be found by inspecting the wall opposite the podium (using Focus). The corresponding symbol on the key will glow also once it has been discovered. Now only three more are required. head to the west and go up the stairs and reach the end of the passage and peer through the peep hole using focus. Another amorous scene will be seen on the other side, ignore that (or watch it... whatever tickles your pickle) and inspect the walls. On it will appear another of the symbols. You now have two symbols, half way there. Continue to do this through the other holes on the way back to the podium and you will discover the other two symbols required to open the door the podium will open. While you're exploring, collect the Urn at the end of the passageway too. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (43/57)). The last symbol will be in a peephole you have already looked through, so head back to the one without the Erin vision and there it will be, on the wall. Now head back to the podium to align those symbols!

Objective 7: Place the Medallion on the Podium

Return to the podium with all the symbols discovered and all the symbols will be glowing on the Medallion you have to place in the podium. It's now simply a case of aligning them within the selection area so they form a line. Now place the medallion in the podium. As you do that, the nearby wall will slide open and grants access to some ruins that have long since been forgotten. More exploring to do, apparently.

Objective 8: Explore the Ancient Ruins

[edit] Area 6: Ancient Ruins

Dirty Secrets 6.jpg
# Item
44 Scroll holder
45 Scroll holder
46 Ancient ingot
47 Ancient ingot
48 Scroll holder
49 Ancient ingot
50 Scroll holder
51 Ink bottle
Collectible Loot
40 Ancient Figurine
41 Stonemason's Memory

Make sure you have accomplished everything you wished to before proceeding forwards as they is no way back once you head over the ledge. Now in the ruins, first things first, swipe the scroll holder in the first chamber. You will come to what seems to a dead end, in fact head to the rumble and navigate your way through it. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (44/57)) Make your way through the next area of debris but Garrett's weight will trigger a pressure plate however, the trap fails and no harms come to Garrett. It would be best to keep an eye out for traps throughout this area, as all may not be faulty. Just ahead is one of those working traps, to disable it search the east wall for a loose brick and press it. You are now free to pass through the north door unharmed and into the next chamber.

[edit] Area 7: Forgotten Ruins

This area is one of the few that are free of traps so don't worry about those at present. Head down the nearby stairwell and cross the room to the northwest corner to pick up another scroll holder. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (45/57)) Nearby there will be a locked door, pick the lock and proceed forward. Ahead will be some stairs leading down to a lower passed, head down there into the lower chamber. Ahead will be a passage leading to another pedestal identical to the one that granted you access to the ruins earlier. As you head down the passage way, use your Focus ability to spy icons on the walls of the alcoves. These will be the symbols required to unlock whatever mysteries lay ahead granted by the pedestal. As before, align the markings in a line on the Medallion and place it on the pedestal. The statue ahead will rotate, revealing the Ancient Figurine for Garrett's private collection. As you claim the collectible loot an on screen prompt will appear asking you observe the statue, doing so will reveal another marking. Return to the pedestal and open the Medallion again, this time a different marking will the etched in light, align it up with the others and place it back on the pedestal. This time the remaining two statues near the pedestal will rotate revealing more loot for you to take, take the Ancient ingots from them both and head back out the passage. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items (47/57)) Head back up the stairs and make your way back to the main chamber. Find the west passage but don't head through it yet, although the chamber is free of traps, the west passage is a different matter. Locate a loose brick nearby on the west all, disabling the trap ahead. Now head down the passage which leads you to a derelict tower.

[edit] Two Towers

Ignoring the Lord of the Rings feel to it all, there is a chest in the tower you find yourself in which contains nothing of value. So open it if you wish, otherwise head out of the tower through the north window which leads you on to a narrow beam. Drop down from the beam and on to the spiral staircase below and make your way down them. You soon come to another, side tower. Should you so wish you can descend the ropes which leads you to the same place the stair case does anyway, the base of the tower. Investigate the base of the tower to locate a scroll holder in a desk's locked drawer. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (48/57)) Continue on your way and you will eventually come to a large circular room full of books, as you'd expect this is the location of the book Orion wishes you to retrieve for him.

Objective 9: Search the Abandoned Library for the Book

[edit] Area 8: Scriptorium

Despite all the books in this large circular room, the one you're looking for doesn't seem to be here (and is void of any loot to plunder) so head deeper into the library in search of the book's location. Peer through a hole in the west wall and you'll catch a glimpse of some sort of creature scuttling off into the dark, it would seem you're not as alone down here as you first thought. This won't be the last time you see the creatures, either. Continue searching for the book and locate another Ancient ingot to pocket in the southeast corner and a scroll holder and an ink bottle in the desk. However, the book you're looking for doesn't seem to be in this room either. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (51/57))

[edit] Some Light Reading

Since you're having trouble finding the book elsewhere, it might be an idea to check the bookshelves. Inspect those on the west all shelf and after a short feel around locate the hidden trigger. Doing so causes the wall to spin revealing a hidden alcove. Inside is a collectible ring called "Stonemason's Memory" and a glowing mark. Inspect it briefly and you will obtain a new Focus point. Should you wish to, upgrade your Focus ability and pull the book to return to the previous room. There is another trigger in the room's southeast corner, finding the trigger causes another hidden area to be revealed, thankfully this time it's a way further into the ruins!

Objective 10: Enter the Central Tower

[edit] Area 9: Library Towers

Dirty Secrets Loot 7.jpg
# Item
52 Ancient ingot
53 Ancient armlet
54 Ancient armlet
55 Ancient armlet
56 Ancient armlet
57 Ancient ingot
Collectible Loot
42 Ritual Book

Heading through the bookshelf entrance will lead into a large area containing 5 massive towers (how were these ever hidden?) The central tower may be the one to house the book you're looking for.

[edit] The Northwest Tower

Head down the west end of the passage you're in and then jump over the small gap to get to the northwest tower. The ground floor of this tower is empty and the rope above is too high to reach currently so head out the north door way and turn the valve wheel there which aligns some balcony stairs to the central tower - take note of the numeral on the landing floor of the stairs, this may be important later. This should feature "I".

[edit] Central Tower

Make your way down the stairs you just altered to reach the central tower and make your way through some fallen debris at the base of the tower. On the other side will be an ancient ingot on top of the barrel, with nothing else here head back through the debris. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (52/57)) Circle around the base of the tower and head up the stairs with the numeral "III" engraved on the landing (ignore the valve for the northeast tower right now, it's not needed currently)

[edit] Southeast Tower

The stairs lead to the second floor of the southeast tower, drop to the base of the tower and collect the poppy on the floor should you require it. Leave the tower and locate another valve on the lower balcony of the tower. Spin it to align the stairs with the numeral "II". Doing so will reveal the creature you saw, scurrying off away from the light again. Oddly enough, it lights the torch near the southwest tower before leaving. Head back in to the tower and back to the second floor, exit by way of the balcony and head back down the "III" stairs.

[edit] Northeast Tower

From the base of the tower head over the wooden bridge to reach the northeast tower , as you get to the end spin the valve that moves the stairs marked with "III". These will now lead from the base of the northeast tower to the second floor of the central tower. Continue forward on the stairs.

[edit] Central Tower (Revisited)

On the second floor of the central tower, head to the south side of the balcony. You'll find yourself standing above the stairs marked with "II", drop down on to the stairs and into the area you saw the creature flee to.

[edit] Southwest Tower

Head up the exterior stairs of the southwest tower and reach the third floor, head inside and straight out the east door as the chest contains nothing bu old books. Ascend the stairs marked with "IV". At the top, make a running leap into the open window to finally land inside the tower.

Objective 11: Remove the Book

[edit] Central Tower Interior

Finally you arrive at the location of the book Orion requires, however you find it sealed in an ornate case. Why can this never be easy? Collect the ancient armlet on the ground nearby before locating a way to open the casing. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (53/57)) Use your Focus to identify three trigger books around the room, pulling them will rotate the statues; two rotate to reveal ancient armlets, while the other gets stuck and doesn't fully rotate. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (55/57)) Head out on to the balcony and head north across gaps in the beams of the balcony. Following this path will lead you to the statue that didn't full rotate, collect the final ancient armlet and head back in to the tower. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (56/57)) Now, the book. Head to podium and as before use focus to identify the symbols to unlock it. Get out the medallion and align the glowing symbols and place the medallion on to the podium. The book rises from the desk, grab it and retrieve the collectible item, the Ritual Book. Now you have what you came for, it's time to leave.

Objective 12: Leave the Ancient Ruins

Look up and spot a couple of hanging ropes, climb on to the desk that was holding the book and on to the rope, climbing up to the upper balcony of the tower. Jump off the rope and on to the balcony, leave through the west window and head over to the northeast tower. Leap and latch on to the rope on the northwest tower. Don't drop, leap on to the middle balcony of the building and obtain your last piece of loot, an ancient ingot. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items (57/57))

[edit] Guards in the Library

Now drop to the ground floor by use of the rope and then leap through the west window and return to the passage that takes back to the library. Look through the peep hole to discover that guards have found the secret entrance in the brothel, so now you'll need to make your way out without being discovered. Return to the south end of the passage, but instead of using the trigger book to return to the library room, scale the south wall and enter a crawl space, this leads you to rafters above the library room.

[edit] Area 8: Scriptorium (Revisited)

From this position you can score an aerial takedown on the guard with the torch (also scoring the contents of his three purses), don't worry about the other guard hearing. If you're going for the no kills or knockout challenges however, continue along the rafters to reach the room's upper balcony. (AT.png "5 aerial takedowns" (4/5)) Should you have chosen to take down the guard or simply loot him for his money, you can also reach the balcony by scaling the east wall. Climb on top of the book shelf and then through the high east window. From the balcony you can execute another aerial takedown if you want. Alternatively you can send the overhanging chandelier crashing on to the unsuspecting guard below - doing this obviously causes you to become detected. The guard below also has two purses to steal so either perform the aerial take down and take his money, or simply drop below and just take the money from the purses. If you chose any approach that meant leaving the balcony, make your way back up to it and continue through the north window to return to the forgotten ruins. Heading through the west window instead will take you back to the rafters of the circular room and get the drop on the guard in there (assuming you wanted to pick his pockets first before knocking him out) (AT.png "5 aerial takedowns" (5/5))

[edit] Area 7: Forgotten Ruins (Revisited)

Watch out for the other guard that is patrolling the stairwell leading back to the Forgotten Ruin's main tower. Move into the side tower with the two hanging ropes that were too high and wait for the guard to walk past the north window, once he has sneak behind him and snatch his purse and knock him out if you want. There is another approach that allows you to miss the stairwell completely. After the guard passes the window, fire a rope up to the high anchor beam inside the tower. Climb the rope the reach the other two ropes and then leap from rope to rope climbing up them to reach the apex without ever using the stairs. Either way you take will cause you to encounter a stationary guard near the top of the stairwell You can use a Water Arrow to douse the torch on the wall, swoop past him, or knock him out from behind. You can also distract the guard with a throwable to a blunt arrow, then scale the north wall to talk a side path avoiding the stairs. At the top of the stairs head down the east hall which will take you to the top chamber of the Ruins, there will be another guard there with two coin purses for you to steal. Pick his pockets them climb on top of the nearby crates, from the highest crate you can make a running jump on to the lowest hanging rope without alerting the guard. (
Save your progress beforehand in case it takes more than one attempt) When you reach the upper balcony you can knock the guard out with an aerial takedown if you still need to rack that challenge up and earn the predator status for this mission. Head through the east window to the crumbling staircase. Leap from the stairs to the handholds on the wall and shimmy across using the handholds, working your way around to the right and then climb through the crawl space at the top to leave the ruins. From there, a cut scene will play in which you meet the Thief-Taker General in person yet again under rather embarrassing circumstances and the mission is complete.

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