Dust to Dust

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Dust to Dust is the second main mission in Thief. It is only accessible after visiting the Queen of Beggars following the completion of "Lockdown".


[edit] Description

Basso wants a specific ring stolen from a man named Cornelius. The unfortunate gentleman in question recently died and the corpse allegedly held at the Old Vale Street Ironworks past the chapel. It is not clear why but this won't be as easy as it sounds; the place is crawling with the Baron's Watch.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Find a Way to the Foundry
+ Discover where the bodies are taken
+ Hook on to the Assembly Line
+ Move Through the Old Manufacturing Area
+ Find a Way to Bypass the Security Door
+ Hook Ban on to the Assembly Line
+ Find the Body of Cornelius
+ Steal the Ring from the General
+ Find Another Way into the Office
+ Open the General's Strongbox
+ Escape the Foundry

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Playstyle Reward
Remain undetected Ghost 250 G
Pick 10 pockets Opportunist 200 G
10 combat takedowns Predator 175 G
Lift all loot items Hybrid 250 G

Chapter Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 5
Common Loot Items: 71
Pockets to Pick: 15
Locks to Pick: 7
Threats (Guards): 26

Top Tips
Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this story chapter:

  • The wrench tool is extremely useful in this chapter. Use it to access a variety of crawl spaces that give you a tactical advantage. You can’t collect all of the loot if you don’t have the wrench tool.
  • If you’re after Thieving Challenges, the “Dexterity” Focus ability makes pickpocketing guards with multiple purses much easier.
  • Similarly, the “Speed” and “Combat” Focus abilities will make combat takedowns easier to perform.
  • To do combat takedowns AND remain undetected, shoot guards with a fire or broadhead arrow and then perform a takedown on them.

Objective 1: Find a Way in to the Foundry

Dust to Dust Loot 1.jpg
# Item
1 Gear
2 Flask
3 Syringe
4 Coin purse
5 Gear
6 Pocket portrait
7 Desk bell
16 Charity's Memory
34 Coal Room stash Note

The main gate is protected by a number of guards, so make your way through this area with caution and keeping to the shadows and the guards won’t notice you. Grab the nearby rope and descend and drop to the wooden ledge below. Though there is a guard on the bridge, apparently he isn't the sharpest of eye so he won't notice you. Drop from the wooden ledge to reach the lower trench and collect a gear down here. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (1/71)) If you have purchased the wrench tool, which is thoroughly advisable, scale the northeast wall to reach a crawl space that requires the tool to enter. Unscrew the vent and head inside. Collect a flask from the crawl space, and follow along until you reach another vent. Unscrew this one as well to venture to the crawl space’s end, where you find a syringe. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (3/71)) If you like, you can backtrack a bit and climb out of the crawl space, circumventing the main gate. However, you’ll miss out on some gold, choke arrows, and combat takedown opportunities if you take this shortcut. If you’re in a hurry, take the shortcut. If you’re after every last bit of loot, backtrack through the crawl space and drop down into the trench below the bridge. Climb the trench’s northwest wall to reach a ladder that leads up to the surface.

[edit] Guard Games

After climbing out of the trench, you’ll be within striking range of the guard who patrols the bridge. You can simply ignore this guard, but if you’re after Thieving Challenges, he’s a prime target for a combat takedown. The area’s two other guards won’t see or hear the struggle if you attack this guard while he’s in the shadows on the bridge. This guard has nothing to steal, so the combat takedown is all you can get from him. If stealth is your game, perform a stealth takedown to ensure the guard doesn’t cause you any problems, or simply let him be.

Thieving Challenges
Combat takedowns are different than stealth takedowns. To perform a combat takedown, you must battle a guard directly. Wound the guard with a fire or broadhead arrow, then perform the combat takedown when prompted. You cannot simply sneak behind a guard and take him down—those are known as stealth takedowns, which don’t count toward your Thieving Challenge goal.

(Thieving Challenge “Perform 10 combat takedowns” (1/10)) Regardless of Whether or not you opt to engage the guard, make your way back to the shadows and begin searching for a wooden fence near the area’s west wall. Jump over the fence once you have identified it as you creep south, heading for a guard who’s fallen asleep in a chair near a barrel.

Guard Dog on Duty
Keep well away from the caged dog near the area’s east wall. Even if you’re totally silent and remain in the shadows, the dog will sniff you out. If you don’t move away from it, the dog will begin to bark, alerting its masters. You can use Choke Arrows to silence them if you have any in your weapon wheel.

Be wary! There is another guard on patrol nearby so remain in the shadows. Make a note of his route and when he begins to walk south, toward the lit brazier and guard dog, make your move and knock out the sleeping guard. Quickly pick up his body and toss it into the northwest shadows, or any that you find nearer. If you fail to move him, the patrolling guard will move back to his position and notice his fallen comrade and become suspicious. Also, pick up the purse the fallen Guard so carelessly dropped near his chair. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (4/71)) Now, thankfully, there is only one more guard left to deal with. You are more than welcome to deal with him and nab yourself another combat takedown. He also he two coin purses that are worth taking, so do that before knocking the poor man unconscious. However, if you'd rather play stealthily you can just as simply sneak past him. If predator gameplay is your thing, however, you can use a Fire Arrow to detonate the red explosive barrel that the guard walks past as he heads south from the north gate. This will definitely kill the guard but also send the dog into a barking frenzy. It should be noted this will not count toward your combat takedowns as you used the environment. (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns (2/10)) (PP.png "Pick 10 pockets" (2/10)) The area is now completely free of guards so you can now afford the small luxury of exploring this small area a little. Pock the lock of the locked box on the barrel need the ex-sleeping guard's chair to pick up two choke arrows (remember what was said about the Guard Dogs? The same also applies to caged birds!). The gate to the northeast has a simple lock but the brazier nearby on the walls leaves you exposed. If you didn't take out some/any of the guards it would be an ideal move to douse it with a water arrow before moving in to pick the lock. Once you are passed the locked gate, collect a gear that lies in a pile of ash. Scale the nearby wall to reach the next area, but make sure you're ready before moving on because there is no going back after you have climbed over the wall. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (5/71))

[edit] Area 2: Dust Yard

There are no guards in this area for you to worry about evading or taking down, you can ignore Stealth and replace it instead with speed! As you explore this area Garrett will start receiving visions in which Erin calls out to him. Collect the Poppy Flower that grows in the central yard, this will come in handy should you need to restore Garrett's Focus. A pocket portrait lies on the ground to the west, pick that up while you're here. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (6/71)) Move to the yard's southeast corner and you will be promoted to observe the Northcrest Manor present in the distance. There is no requirement to do this, but it's a nice view nonetheless.

[edit] Secret Shack

Climb the crate that stands near the wooden crane in the middle of the yard and use it to climb onto the crane. Cross the narrow beam of the crane and onto the roof of a nearby shack. Crouch and sneak past the roof's pipes and discover a ladder that leads down into the shack. Climb down or drop to enter the shack. In here are a few items worth taking. Collect the note on the table to obtain a new document and the open the desk drawers to discover a valuable ring called "Charity's Memory". Swipe the desk bell on the desk too... might as well! (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items (7/71)

[edit] Pipe Climber

Climb back out of the shack and notice a series of pipes running up the wall of the building to the north. Climb the pipe and begin working your way to the left. Climb up to reach more pipes and then keep working your way westward, use the Run/Jump/Climb button to leap across the larger gaps. Upon reaching the final pipe, drop to the lower handhold and continue moving west and keep climbing until you find an opening in the wall. Climb through to find yourself in a ventilation shaft. Make sure you have done everything before sliding down as there is no coming back for a while.

[edit] Area 3: Ventilation Shaft

There’s little of interest inside the ventilation shaft. Simply navigate it until you reach your objective marker, then climb up to a higher shaft. Move to the end of the higher shaft, and you’ll come to an opening. Careful: There’s a guard below you. Perform an aerial takedown on the guard before he moves away, or drop and battle the guard in an effort to score another combat takedown. This guard also has two purses to steal, so don’t perform the aerial takedown if you’re after Thieving Challenges. Instead, wait for him to move upstairs, then drop and pick his pockets before combating him or knocking him out. (PP.png “Pick 10 pockets” (4/10)) (Thieving Challenge “Perform 10 combat takedowns” (3/10))

Objective 2: Discover Where the Bodies are Taken

[edit] Area 4: Office Level

Dust to Dust Loot 2.jpg
# Item
8 Ashtray
9 Microscope
10 Candlestick
11 Coin purse
12 Magnifying glass
13 Gear

With the guard no longer around you cause you any bother head upstairs and collect the food on the floor near the barrel. Swipe an ashtray from the Barrels that follow. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (8/71)) Continue you on until you seemlingly reach a dead end, climb the crate and continue on. You come to a small office. Steal everything you can see; open the two desk drawers and raid the corner chest. After the room is free of loot head out of the office and downstairs. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (13/71))

Objective 3: Hook on to the Assembly Line

[edit] Area 5: Main Line Hall

Dust to Dust Loot 3.jpg
# Item
14 Flask
15 Gear
16 Cup
17 Cup
18 Knife
19 Flask
20 Ashtray
21 Candlestick
22 Ashtray
23 Coin purse
24 Desk bell
25 Gear
35 Transportation of Cadavers
36 Broken Glass

Head down the stairs and you will reach some windows that overlook the Main Line Hall. IN due course you will be infiltrating the hall, but don't climb through just yet, there is some loot to plunder. Instead. go down the stairwell's bottom to find a flash hidden below the stairs. You can now go through the door to begin your infiltration of the Main Line Hall, but again, not just yet. It is recommended to use the window anyway. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (14/71)) Backtrack up the stairs and climb through the south window to reach some wooden beams. Collect the gear from the west beam and then head back through the window. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (15/71)) Now climb through the east window to reach even more beams. In the room you will notice three guards; make sure you note that one of the guards patrols leads him directly under you, setting himself up for a rather unfortunate fate. However, rather than knocking him out from above, hop across the beams and reach the balcony, which is presently being patrolled by a crossbow endowed guard. Pick the crossbow guard's pocket and knock him out from behind, alternatively you can challenge him to a one-on-one combat session to get another combat takedown. Don't worry about the other guards hearing the commotion, there are too far away to hear anything. Even if they could, they have no way of getting to you anyway. After the guard is down, collect the cup on the barrel. (PP.png "Pick 10 pockets" (6/10)) (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (4/10)) (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (16/71)) After the guard is eliminated your path to the next area is clear, you can simply head east to get there - however there is more fun and loot to be made in the Main Line Hall, so backtrack across the balcony collecting another cup off the railing as you go. (({TC}} "Lift all loot items" (17/71)) Hope back across the beams and stop on the beam near the east window. Use a Water Arrow to douse the wall brazier below while the patrolling guard isn't around to notice it. After extinguishing the brazier, hop down on to the ground below and sneak into the rooms northwest corner. Wait for the patrolling guard to return (the one who previous was seen walking under you on the beams) and pick his pocket when his back is turned to you. Knock him out after or challenge him and take him down in combat to contribute to another combat takedown (with the brazier down the other guard won't be able to see what is happening, and is too far away to hear anything.) Collect the knife from the nearby crate afterward. (PP.png "Pick 10 pockets" (7/10)) (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (5/10)) (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (18/71)) The remaining guard is now an irritation, so wait for him to start heading east then pick his pocket and knock him out, or again challenge him to combat. (PP.png "Pick 10 pockets" (9/10)) (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (6/10))

[edit] Hall Haul

With the Main Line Hall now completely free of guards, it's time to plunder to our hearts content! Swipe the notice that is pinned to the wall near the guard you just neutralized. Search behind the nearby south support pillars to discover a flask. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (19/71)) Go north and use the cabinet to save your progress and take the ashtray from the nearby shelf (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (20/71)). Now, pick the lock on the door near the wall notice to enter a small storage room. Take the food on the create with the candle and climb on the top of the cage in the northwest corner to discover a candlestick. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (21/71)) Proceed through the north door where you can then hook on to the assembly line. Before doing that however, collect the food off the nearby crate., then open up the vent in the north with the wrench tool and enter the vent. The vent crawl space leads to a small chute. Swipe the ashtray and head back out. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (22/71)) Climb up toward the hook that marks the next objective but don't grab on to it just yet. Collect the nearby coin purse and then climb up even higher and take the desk bell from a chest. Take the note hanging on the wall too while you're there. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (24/71)) Now head up the south stairs to reach a small hall leading back to the balcony. Loot the desk in the hall to retrieve a gear and then head back to the assembly line. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (25/71))

[edit] By Hook or by Crook

Get close enough to the hook and you will be prompted to hang on to it. Grab on to the hook to get a ride deeper into the facility. Remain on the hook until you see a guard, then drop to the ground before he spots you and begin your exploration of the manufacturing area.

Objective 4: Move Through the Old Manufacturing Area

[edit] Area 6: Manufacturing Area

Dust to Dust Loot 4.jpg
# Item
26 Magnifying glass
27 Scissors
Office and Storage
28 Knife
29 Fork
30 Magnifying glass
31 Candlestick
32 Candlestick
33 Telescope
34 Flask
Corridor A
35 Gear
36 Knife
37 Gear
38 Magnifying glass
39 Candlestick
40 Telescope
Corridor B
41 Scissors
42 Flask
43 Coin purse
44 Fork
45 Flask
49 Coin purse
Main Chamber
46 Candlestick
47 Coin purse
48 Gear
50 Pile of coins
51 Scissors
52 Magnifying glass
53 Gear
54 Turquoise Brooch
Supply Room
55 Fork
56 Fork
57 Spoon
58 Spoon
59 Knife
Collectible Loot
17 Daisy Brooch
18 Soul of the Automaton
37 Break Spot
38 Renovation Notice
39 Cryptic Letter
40 Off Limits
41 Dead List

After you have dropped from the hook move into the shadows next to come tables. Sneak past the tables, but be wary of the broken glass on the floor - move very slowly across it to make as little noise as possible. Pick the lock of the drawer and loot a magnifying glass. Process passed to the far table and pick up some scissors and a letter. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (27/71)) If you have been playing through this mission with combat takedowns, the crossbow guard above you is the perfect target. Sneak up the stairs (vault the railing if you want to feel like a badass) and pick his pocket and then confront him. Alternatively of course you can simply knock him out. (PP.png "Pick 10 pockets" (10/10)) (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (7/10)) Now pick the lock of the locked door at the foot of the stairs and move into the next room.

[edit] Office and Storage

This small office is free of guards and houses a number of valuables. Collect the cutlery on the table, then unscrew the nearby vent to enter a crawl space, where a magnifying glass is stashed. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (30/71)) Proceed through the next crawl space to visit a small storage room. Swipe two candlesticks from a crate here, and open the small box to score three blunt arrows, one rope arrow, and one broadhead arrow. Not a bad haul. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (32/71)) The next crawl space vent provides a shortcut through the Manufacturing Area, but there’s more to plunder in the office. Backtrack to the office and climb onto the tall cabinet. From there, climb up to the wooden shelf above. Circle around the shelf to discover a precious telescope. Pocket this valuable prize. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (33/71)) Drop from the shelf and hit the west wall’s light switch to darken the office. With the room darkened, swipe the letter from the nearby desk, then raid the desk’s drawers to find a flask. When you’ve finished looting the office, open the nearby door and enter the corridor beyond. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (34/71))

[edit] Corridor A

Careful, there’s a guard nearby. Sneak to the top of the stairs, then open the small box that sits atop a crate to discover six more blunt arrows. These arrows inflict little damage but are ideal for triggering remote switches and creating sounds that can lure away guards. Use a blunt arrow to hit the switch on the wall ahead, and the lights will go out. The nearby guard quickly moves to turn the lights back on, giving you a chance to sneak up, pick his pocket, and then knock him out from behind. Just beware the broken glass on the floor near the switch; cross it too quickly and the guard will round on you. Of course, this lone guard is another easy target for a combat takedown if you’re going that route. (Thieving Challenge “Perform 10 combat takedowns” (8/10)) If you don’t knock out the guard, he’ll soon be called away by another watchman who stands farther down the hall, to the east. After the guard is called away, hit the light switch again to re-create darkness, then look up to spy an overhead anchor beam a short ways down the hall. Fire a rope arrow into the beam, then climb onto the nearby cabinet to reach the rope. Leap from your rope to land atop the high overhead shelves. Hop to the far shelf and claim the collectible you find there. Drop from the shelf afterward and advance along the corridor, ignoring the north door. When the corridor bends north, use the shadowy east alcoves to keep out of sight. There’s some broken glass in the east alcoves, but among the glass is a gear that’s worth grabbing. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (35/71)) Move through the crawl space at the final alcove’s north end and peek around the next doorway to spy on the guards in the next room. Before entering the room, sneak south down the lit corridor and collect the knife that’s stuck in the nearby dummy. For safety, hit the light switch afterward to darken the corridor. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (36/71))

[edit] Old Works

Now that the corridor has been completely explored, head through the north doorway by sneaking up on the guards you have been following up to this point. Get into the cabinet to save your progress and then up on to the overhead shelf to eavesdrop on to their conversation. Once they have finished talking, one will backtrack down the previous corridor (he will do this, obviously, if you didn't knock him out near the light switch before). Collect the gear on the high shelf and then drop down and follow the guard, either knocking him out or challenging him to open combat. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (37/71))

Aerial Aggression
If you are quick enough you can perform an aerial takedown from the height of the shelf before the guard backtracks down the corridor. Also there is some kerrosene on the floor that can be set alight by the use of a Fire Arrow to burn the guard to a crisp. Be wary though as either of these actions can attract the other guard, who is at this point, patrolling the north corridor beyond the room.

Make your way back to the room with the save cabinet and hit the switch on the east all to turn off the lights. Scale the north stairs and study the other guard and learn his route, patrolling the corridor beyond the west door. Challenge the guard to combat when he gets near, or simply knock him out when he is facing away from you. (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (9/10)) After the guard has been neutralized, peer through the tiny hole in the sealed east door where you will see a soft light shining. You are looking into a secret chamber that does not appear on your map, so naturally all you need to do is find a way in! Scale the north stairs and reach what appears to be a dead end, turn left and vault over the railing to land in front of an entrance to a crawl space. Go through the crawl space and you will emerge in the room you have just looked at through the hole.

[edit] Workshop

This secret workshop holds many valuables worth plundering, included in that is a candlestick and a magnifying glass. Don't worry about the person sat in the desk either, it's a sort of lifeless mechanical mannequin. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (39/71)) Swipe the telescope from near the mannequin. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (40/71)) You will see a letter upon a stack of books that hints at the safe's combination code, saying it is hidden among "old prototypes". What could that mean? Take another, careful, look at the mannequin sat at the desk and take note of the number 3 etched into the back of the head. Naturally, this must be the first number of the wall safe combination code. Well, that was certainly easy! Inspect the mechanical skull that sits on the chair near the back crawl space and you'll see that the skull has the number 1 etched onto it's skull - and there we have the second number of the wall safe combination. Don't waste time looking for the third number (because it doesn't exist), enter the 3 and 1 into the first two dials on the wall safe and simply keep turning the third dial until the wall safe clicks, allowing you to open it up. If that doesn't work for you, the combination should be; 3-1-4. Inside the safe will be a piece of collectible look entitled the "Soul of the Automaton". Now you have everything from this room, head back out through the crawl space and enter the next corridor in which the guard you last knocked out used to patrol.

[edit] Corridor B

Along here there is only one guard to worry about, and he's really not all that bothersome while he sleeps in the chair at the corridor's far end. Hit the nearby light switch if you feel more comfortable in the dark and lift a pair of scissors from the shelf as you enter the corridor. Then climb on to the said shelf, and on to the pipes above. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (41/71)) Take the Coin purse and flask from the high shelf then drop down the nearby hole to return to the corridor. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (43/71)) Continue to head east to the far side of the corridor to where the sleeping guard is located. Be aware of the broken glass littered around the guard as stepping on that and making too much noise is likely to rouse him from his sleep. This doesn't matter however if you're after combat takedowns; if not avoid the glass and knock him out silently. (Thieving Challenge "Perform 10 combat takedowns" (10/10))

Objective 5: Find a Way to Bypass the Security Door

As you approach the sleeping guard, Garrett notices an unfamiliar locking mechanism on the nearby door. Your objective lies beyond the door but a special key is required to open it up. Inspect the note on the door to obtain another document. Raid the small drawers of the candlelit table near the door to discover a fork; then pick the locked chest near the sleeping guard (if you haven't taken him out) and you will discover the key that you seek to open the door. Also you will find some food. You are now able to continue on your path to the next objective, however, you haven't taken the time to explore the main manufacturing area yet. Before heading through the east door explore the final room, vault the railing near the chest and swipe the flask off the shelf at the corridors end. Use the nearby cabinet to save your progress then open the east door and enter the Main Chamber.

[edit] Main Chamber

This large chamber features guard equipped with a crossbow, a regular guard on the floor, and an inspector that walks around near the crossbow guard. Although the room is accessible from other areas, this is the one we're going with in this walkthrough. Patiently wait in the shadow of the doorway for the crossbow guard head south on his patrol, this will be taking him away from where you are. When he does, sneak around the desk on the right, and press the west wall’s light switch to shut off the nearby light. If you timed it right the guards nor the inspector will have taken any notice of the light going out. Nab the candlestick off the desk after killing the light, then search the drawers to find a coin purse. Climb the tall north crate to reach the room’s north balcony. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (47/71)) After climbing the wall there will be broken glass, so be careful of that - stepping on it will certain attract unwanted attention from the guards. Once the guard with the crossbow is to the south, swoop to the east wall and press the light switch to darken the balcony. Sneak back across the glass and loot the nearby chest to claim a gear and a Broadhead Arrow. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items” (48/71)) Vault the railing to land on top of the nearby beams. Make your way west along the beams, making your way back toward Corridor B. Climb through the window to reach the high shelf located above the door you used when you entered the room, collect the Coin purse and then return to the beams. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (49/71)) Sneak over to the walkway where the crossbow guard and corpse inspector are positioned. make your way across the walkway whilst neither man is paying you any heed, remaining crouched and motionless in the shadows at the walkway’s north end to ensure you're not detected - even when they might be looking right at you. The inspector is unarmed so poses less of a threat to you than the Crossbow guard, so be mindful of his position at all times. Now, wait and stay in the shaodows and look for an opportunity to knock out theinspector while the crossbow guard is down south, it may take several patrols between noticing it and executing it, but that's fine - Remember that Thief isn't a game about speed. Once you have knocked him out move him immediately to the shadow keeping the prompted button held down to knock him out and move him in one swift motion. Face west and throw his body below. In the meantime you will be acquired the inspector's key, a key that to grant you access to Corridor B (Only one key is needed to gain access, but this is just another means of obtaining it.) Now all you need to do is wait for the crossbow guard to make his approach and simply knock him out. Throw his body off the side too, just like you did with the inspector's. Now the room is completely empty you are free to loot everything in sight. Remember to look in everything (Use your focus ability to identify what can be looted to make things easier) making sure you don't miss the gear on the table near the inattentive guard. Examine the inspector’s book to discover a document as well. Now you need to deal with the guard downstairs. You can use a blunt arrow to hit the light switch near him, the guard won't bother turning it back on so sneak up to him and take him down by any means you think necessary (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (53/71)) Before returning to the locked door in Corridor B, notice an anchor beam in the main chamber’s southeast corner. Fire a rope arrow into this beam, then climb up to reach an overhead walkway. The walkway provides a stealthy means of moving through the main chamber. A valuable turquoise brooch is also hidden up here. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (54/71))

Sparing the Inspector
If you’re playing on the hardest difficulty, then you can’t harm the inspector. In this case, backtrack through the corridors and enter the room from the south door. Use a blunt arrow to hit the switch near the inattentive guard, then battle him or kill him with a headshot. After that, move to knock out the crossbow guard from the south, while he’s down south and the inspector is up north. If need be, use a blunt arrow or throwable to lure the guard off the balcony. Once both guards are down, you can loot the room without alerting the inspector—though obtaining the items on the balcony is still tricky.

You’re all done here. Use the key you found in the chest near the locked door in Corridor B to open the way forward. Proceed through the door to reach another section of the Manufacturing Area.

Objective 6: Hook Back on to the Assembly Line

[edit] Supply Room

A small supply room lies beyond the security door. Use the cabinet to save and raid the chest to discover two broadhead arrows, three blunt arrows, and two water arrows. Scale the nearby wall to reach a locked chest on a balcony, which contains five pieces of fine cutlery. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (59/71)) After plundering the chests, stand on the balcony and wait for a vacant hook to pass by. Grab it and ride deeper into the facility, just as you did before.

Objective 7: Find the Body of Cornelius

[edit] Area 7: Furnace Hall

Dust to Dust Loot 5.jpg
# Item
60 Ring
61 Gear
62 Gear
63 Pocket portrait
64 Desk bell
65 Bracelet
66 Ring
67 Surgical Scissors
68 Watch Seal
69 Pile of coins
70 Pile of coins
71 Pile of coins
Collectible Loot
19 Diamond Circle
20 Cornelius' Ring
42 Stripping Procedure

As you did last time, drop down from the hook the moment you see a guard and before he sees you - waiting and hoping he doesn't notice you will not work if he catches you in his eyeline. Make your way through the crawl space ahead until you reach the chamber where they burn all the bodies - the furnace chamber. This is the room in which you will be Cornelius' corpse. Take the small ring located in the rubble as you make your way through. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (60/71)) As you sneak through the crawl space the Thief Taker General will make an appearance who finds and takes the ring you are looking for - for whatever reason he was looking for it himself. Perhaps to get it back to the Baron.

Objective 8: Steal the Ring from the General

Continue your way along the crawl space passing underneath the guards working on the furnace floor and climb out when reaching the end. A total of four guards protect this room, making it quite dangerous. Swipe the note on the nearby wall and eavesdrop on the conversation on some of the workmen for a thoroughly interesting discussion of phallus ring instruments. Don't do anything to the guards yet, make your way north until you reach a small room used for the storage of coal to light the copious amounts of fires to burn the bodies of those who died afflicted with the Gloom. Take the gear from the floor and inspect the north chute to find a precious ring, a collectible item called "Diamond Circle", part of the Serendi Stone Circles. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (61/70)) Enter the cabinet if you wish to save your progress and then take a look through the key hole of the door to the east. You've made a circle and are now behind the crossbow guard you saw as you entered on the hook minutes ago. While he looking away from you, sneak up to him and pick his pocket, then take him down. Take the gear from the troth and head back to the furnace room (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (62/71)) The guard closest to you at this point will be the one searching a body for valuables and is positioned in such a way you can take him down from the shadows without anyone noticing. Knock him out and take the loot from the table. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (63/71)) The furnace shutter door will open and close as bodies are placed in there, creating intermittent moments of shadow and light. You need to swoop inbetween the tables while the furnace door is shut keeping behind each table so the guards don't see you.

You can fire a Blunt Arrow at the switch near the furnace to plunge the room into shadow. With no light you can take out each of the guards near the furnace and collect the Desk bell on the floor near them (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (64/71))

Stop at the table in the middle and wait for the guard the farthest from you to finish his search of the corpse. He will take a break and lean against the beam, when he's doing that swoop to the final table while the furnace door is shut and take the ring and bracelet from it. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (66/71)) Take the scissors from the nearby barrel and then scale the stairs to reach the supervisor's office. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (67/71)) The door to the office is locked however and lockpicking won't open it, so you'll need to find another way inside.

Objective 9: Find a Way in to the Office

You will see a tiny hole in the window to the supervisor's office, look through it and you will see the Thief Taker General place the ring in the strongbox. Move back toward the furnace room and climb the south wall and into a ventilation shaft. This will lead you into the supervisor's office. Make sure you have done everything you want to do before dropping down as once you do, a series of events will unfold making it impossible to go back and do them later.

Objective 10: Open the General's Strongbox

As you enter the room, the Thief Taker General has vacated it. Collect the watch seal and the food from the desk and then head for the strongbox. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (68/71)) In order to open the strongbox and ger Cornelius' ring from the Thief Taker General you need to solve a pattern puzzle - the pattern you require can be found on posters around the room although it's not hard to figure it out from just looking at the box. The easier way to approach solving his is to focus on the small ring in the center of the puzzle, once that is completed so will the other parts of the puzzle - mostly. From the original set up of the box do the following things:

  • Turn the first set of tiles twice in either direction
  • Turn the second set of tiles once to to right
  • Turn the third set of tiles once to the left

The puzzle now solved the strongbox will open and Cornelius' ring is now yours. While you're there you may as well take the pile of coins in the box as well. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (71/71))

Objective 11: Escape the Foundry

You have now got the ring you needed to acquire. However you now need to escape from the Thief Taker General after he finds you in the room taking the ring. After the cut scene ends, make your way out of the east door.

[edit] Area 9: Inner Yard

Dust to Dust Loot 6.jpg

You need to escape the area quickly and unseen, once you are out of the office immediately sneak past the two guards talking in the Inner Yard. Keep to the shadows by the north wall and head northeast to the crates. After the two guards have finished their chat they will continue to go on their patrol. Remain in the shadows and watch as the guard without the torch walk up to the door of the supervisors office from which you have just left. Simply knock him unconscious when he stops. Quickly pick it up and stash it in the office before the guard with the torch approaches the light brazier on the wall, if he sees his fallen comrade his suspicions will definitely be raised. Remain in the doorway as he does this and when he moves off away from the brazier knock him out too, you'll need to be quick as he stops for a while and faces west during his patrol.

[edit] Scaling the Wall

With both guards now down, head south making sure you keep to the shadows and pass through a small gated passage to the west. This passage has a wall you could have climbed over had you knocked out the guard with the torch, with him down you no longer need to proceed that way, but it is a useful alternative if you're playing for Ghost. A guard stands on the opposite of the gate you wish to go through, if you're quick about it you can open the gate and knock him out before he knows what's going on. If not he'll move on with his patrol to the south side of the yard. Climb on top of the crate that is just passed the gate and climb further on to a wooden crane. Drop on the other side to return to ground level, making sure you're unseen at all times. If you didn't knock out that gate guard you need to be especially careful. Head west and down some stairs to the Yard's western area. upon reaching a wall, face south and climb up to the streets. Again, keep to the shadows and peek around a crate to spy on a patrolling guard, the same one opposite the gate. Obviously he won't be there if you knocked him out earlier. There however is now another guard to worry about leaning right up against the wall you need to climb up. If the patrolling guard is still conscious, wait until he heads east, away from you, and sneak into the light by the south wall. Hug the wall as you make your way to the stationary guard - he will not notice you if you keep close to the wall. As soon as you're enable climb the wall to continue on your way, hopefully without rising the suspicions of the guards below.

[edit] Inner Yard II

Thankfully this area is free of any guards, however an alarm starts ringing alert all guards that you're around and they need to be on the look out. This isn't going to be easy from here on out as patrols will now start to become erratic. Grab the Poppy to the south, then climb the east wall on to the drain pipes. When you reach the end of the drain pipes go right and maneuver across some grips, accessible by use of the claw, and into an open window. This will land you on a high platform in the Outer Yard. You're nearly out!

[edit] Area 10: Outer Yard

Dust to Dust Loot 8.jpg

The guards in this area are all on high alert now that the alarm is sounding. You will need to keep well out of sight at all available times to ensure you aren't found. Stay a while on that platform and study the guards as they search frantically below. When you're ready to move on, the nearby roof will be weak and landing on it will collapse when you land on it, causing you to fall through. Unfortunately this is unavoidable so just let it happen. As you fall, it will alert guards, so quickly hide in a nearby cabinet to avoid being caught. Luckily the guard won't think to search the cabinet you're in, so you're safe as long as you don't leave it prematurely. Exit the cabinet as the guard leaves and collect the food on the shelf should you need it and sneak out the shed when no one is looking.

[edit] Escaping the Outer Yard

Head south keeping to the shadows, remaining in the sneak position at all times, near the west wall. Take the choke arrow that sits on top of the crate making sure you're fully aware of the patrolling and crossbow guard nearby. Make your way back a little and climb on to a larger crate near the crane and on to the top of the crane before the nearby dog begins to bark and he will lose interest once you atop of the crane. (remember you can knock it out with your newly procured Choke Arrow if you wish as well) From here leap on to the roof of the building above the dog and then jump east on to the buildings ledge. Hop on to the narrow beam and then on to another wooden ledge. From here leap on to the south building's ledge and go through the open window. You're right near the end now, sneak across the second floor of the building and exit through the south window and the mission is complete!

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