Gender Female
Voiced By Vanessa Matui[1]
Appearances Thief
Erin is a character that appears in Thief and would appear to be the driving force behind Garrett, and his search for answers within The City. We are told of a young girl named Erin who is living as an orphan on the street, until she is taken in by a high end brothel. There, Erin cleans and assists with other menial tasks until she comes of age. Drifting towards an undesirable life at the brothel, Erin formulates a plan and prepares her return to the street. However, she unwittingly crosses paths with Garrett. He sees a part of himself within her and proceeds to take Erin under his protective wing, however he is unable to tame her and the wild emotions. Erin's spontaneity during their operations begin to cause fractures between them, as she kills without remorse if they're unfortunate enough to become a obstacle between her and the objective. This eventually induces the pair to separate.

Years pass, each on their own journey, when their paths cross once more. Erin and Garrett are inadvertently paired for a considerable job by a mutual friend, Basso. While Garrett follows Basso's plan to his own guidelines, however Erin having no desire to conform leaves another dead body in her wake. As punishment Garrett steals Erin's prized possession, a claw of which allows her to climb buildings which she does not notice has vanished until the ensuing climax of their mission. They arrive within the infiltrated manor to find a ritual taking place, and proceed to observe from the roof where they are hidden. Suddenly and without warning the building begins to crumble beneath their feet. Erin loses her footing and falls, quickly realizing she is without her claw plunges to her death. [2]

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[edit] References

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