Focus Ability being utilized
Within Thief, the Focus system is Garrett’s ability to meditate and speed up his reaction times. This allows objects to be further scrutinized which will open up possibilities to approach various situations which Garrett will be confronted with whether it be; combat, pick-pocketing, marksmanship or lock-picking. For instance when Focus is active you can pickpocket multiple times on a target instead of just once per action. [1]

This feature will act in some respects as a guide for exploration in certain area's, however Eidos Montreal have expressed that players will not be able to rely heavily on Focus. It has been stated that Garrett finds his ability to Focus as the main story develops during an event that occurs early on, and that it will be a purely optional feature. [2]

[edit] Upgrading

You will have the ability to upgrade Garrett's Focus ability through a number of different branches: [3]

Name Upgrade Description
Highlights elements in the environment from a distance
Loot and interactive objects are Blue
Threats and other dangerous elements are red
Ability to know where unique loots and collection items are hidden.
Prints appear to reveal the patches
Ability to quickly pickpocket multiple items from an unsuspecting person.
Ability to visualize the inner workings of lock mechanisms.
Increases the speed at which locks are picked.
Greatly amplifies your visual range when zoomed.
Effect does not require Focus Vision to be activated.
Greatly increases the speed of accuracy with the Bow.
Ability to visually detect noises from threats within a short distance.
Greatly increases the range for visually detecting noises.
Ability to stun an opponent with a single blow.
With Focus Vision activated, target the opponent's torso and press up.
Ability to knockout an opponent with a single blow.
With Focus Vision activated, target the opponent's head and press down.
Slightly increases the speed of your actions by slowing the world around you.
Greatly increases the speed of your actions by slowing the world around you even more.
Slightly reduces the consumption rate of the Focus energy.
Greatly reduces the consumption of the Focus energy.
Ability to move more silently.
Reduces the range of the sounds you generate, including those produces on noisy surfaces.
Ability to sneak closer to unaware threats.
Reduces the range from which you can visually be detected.

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[edit] References

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  3. Video - The Secrets & Homages of Thief

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