Friend in Need

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Friend in Need is a mission that appears in Thief. In it you are required to infiltrate Eastwick's Manor.


[edit] Description

Basso’s in trouble and needs help. Seems the Baron wanted that book as much as Orion so his General came to visit. He didn’t find it but dragged Basso off with a beating and worse to come. Orion says the book will help him and his Graven save The City but right now infiltrating the Keep and getting Basso out is priority.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Find Jacob in Greystone Plaza
+ Go to the Architect's grand house
+ Find a way inside the house
+ Get up to the Architect's study
+ Search the study for the Keep plans
+ Steal the plans and escape
+ Get to the Keep

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Playstyle Reward
Remain undetected Ghost 350 G
Pick 8 pockets Opportunist 275 G
10 kills or knockouts Predator 250 G
Lift all loot items Hybrid 280 G

Chapter Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 6
Common Loot Items: 39
Pockets to Pick: 13
Locks to Pick: 6
Threats (Guards): 14
Top Tips

Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this story chapter:

  • You need a rope arrow, the razor tool, and the wrench tool if you wish to obtain all of this chapter’s loot items.
  • Blunt arrows, water arrows, and the wire cutter tool all come in handy at various points.
  • If you’re after Thieving Challenges, the “Dexterity” Focus ability makes pickpocketing targets with multiple valuables much easier.
  • Follow this walkthrough faithfully and you’ll complete all of the Thieving Challenges in one go.

Objective 1: Find Jacob in Greystone Plaza

[edit] Area 1: Rooftops

Friend in Need Loot 1.jpg
# Item
1 Teacup
2 Ashtray
3 Pocket watch
Collectible Loot
46 Lapis Lazuli Circle

The mission starts of the rooftops of some buildings,a head the Keep is visible but far from the plaza in which you will find Jacob. Sprint north to the Plaza. As you head for the plaza you catch a glimpse of the man Jacob, sadly he's being crucified on the fountain in the plaza and there is panic everywhere, people running around screaming and general mayhem. Well, you found the man you were looking for but unfortunately not in the condition you had hoped, looks like you'll need another plan.

Objective 2: Go to the Architect's Grand House

So, off to find another source of the information you require. Who better to tell you how to enter the Baron's keep than the very an who designed it, Theodore Eastwick. Luckily, his manor house isn't too far from your current destination, with that in ind head north across the rooftops and then drop down to the lower ledge to the west. Follow this ledge north and then west. Go over the railings to the north and you'll reach a porch. Lift the teacup there and then vault the east railings and pick up the ashtray near the plant pot on the other porch. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (2/39)) Now make your way back to the ledge and continue heading west which will lead you to the next building. Drop down on to the porch and then go over the railing to the north, heading here will trigger a small cut scene in which Garrett hears a distant explosion fro the top of the Keep. Well, this can't be good, better hurry! Slide down the sloped rooftop to reach a climbable wall into an open window, don't enter it. Pick the poppy and then look up to notice a rope arrow anchor beam to the west.

[edit] Area 2: Passage

Select the rope arrow and fire it at the anchor and then climb down the rope to the below alleyway. Not using a rope arrow to drop down there will prove fatal, so this way is preferable. On the bench of the alley there is a pocket watch, pick that up. The bench next to that one, underneath is holds something far more valuable however; a collectible ring called "Lapis Lazuli Circle". Now pick the lock to the box atop the barrel and get a Broadhead Arrow and Water Arrow, those may be of use later on and climb back up the rope and in to the open window. Make sure you have done all you want to before heading through the window, as there is no going back once you're through. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (3/39)) Now on the other side on the window, make your way through some crates and emerge on the otherside. You're now at the front of the Architect Eastwick's manor.

Objective 3: Find a Way Inside the House

[edit] Area 3: Garden

Friend in Need Loot 2.jpg

Beware of the Dogs
Though you can’t see them from your entry perch, there are two caged dogs in the garden. One’s near the west wall, to the west of the greenhouse, and the other is in the northeast corner, just north of the east shed.

Don't head down into the garden yet, instead take the time to analyze the area. You'll see that the area is currently under some heavy guard in the garden; 4 patrolling watchmen and 1 crossbow guard on the balcony above the main door. Stay a while to eavesdrop on the conversation the guards are having, this will reveal that the house is full of traps and secret passageways as well as the location of the Architect himself, in his study. As you're listening to what the guards say, make a mental note of their patrols. The captain and his body guard remain in the central part of the garden, the crossbow guard moves along the porch on patrol and occasionally looks out over the garden. The other two guards, the torch bearer and the other crossbow guard make a long patrol around the perimeter of the garden. From where you are it is possible to perform an aerial takedown on either the torch guard or his crossbow wielding companion, but doing so will result in being detected from the other guard you are unable to knock out. Once the companion notices you, the other guards will be attracted by the commosion, ending with not only you being detected, but also an unfavorable 3-on-1 fight situation. You're more than welcome to try of course, what ever floats your boat.

[edit] Sneaking Through the Garden

If you are going for the stealth approach this mission then the aerial takedown isn't the approach you want to take. Instead, wait until the 2 patrolling guards have bypassed you and head east toward the shed. Drop down the the ground, making sure you make no noise as you do so. Assuming you remain in the shadows, no one should be able to see you. There are also certain places in the light you can remain without the other guards seeing you also, the area near where you dropped is one of them. Remain in the shadows as you near along to the shed's door. Enter the shed as soon as you can, the less time you're in the light, the better. Close the door behind you so when the patrolling guards return they won't look in there and see you. There will be a lever in the shed, don't press it just yet, it causes the central fountain to flow. Pulling that lever would create a distraction that is currently not required, but we will be making use of it later. Scale the shed's east wall and exit through the high open window. Don't worry about the guards, it's a while before they return to this part of the garden. Move north through a shadows a little passing a bush, make sure you don't head too far north, there is a caged dog beyond the next bush that will be alerted to you if you get too close. Look up in the northeast corner to identify a ladder, use your focus to find the crank. Fire a Blunt Arrow at it to lower the ladder. (this can also be done as soon as you enter the garden via the crates) Sneak over to the ladder and climb up them to reach the scaffolding above.

[edit] Crawl Space Entry

From here there are several ways you can infiltrate the manor, the choice is entirely up to you. One of these options is to climb on one of the crates on the scaffolding and up yo a Crawl Space that leads to the bedroom on the second floor of Eastwick's Manor. This entry point is the fastest way of approaching the mission as it cuts out a significant portion of the house. However, if you pick this way in and enter the bedroom there is no turning back, so investigate other options before making your final decision.

[edit] Balcony Entry

Another way is more appealing to those who are wanting loot and completing Thieving Challenges. Ignore the crawl space and sneak west along a ledge and pope, moving toward the crossbow guard on the balcony. Be careful as you make your approach though as the light in this area can cause you to be spotted. Take a peek around the edge of the building and watch the guard as he makes his patrol, making a note of it as he does so. When he moves away from you, swoop toward him. Get over the rail on the balcony (you can vault by pressing the climb button as you swoop toward the railing) and get behind the guard. You'll need to be quick as his patrol is quite short. Steal his purse and then silently knocking him out. Due to his high position, no one will clock on to a thing that's happened. (PP.png "Pick 8 pockets" (1/8)) (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (1/10)) With the guard down you can now enter the manor through the large doors on the balcony which take you to the second floor of the house (the same floor the bedroom is located should you take the Crawl Space entrance). However there is still more to do in the garden, so head west on to a large pipe after vaulting over the railings.

[edit] The Greenhouse's Secret

Now on the west pipe, leap from the wooden ramp to reach the roof of the greenhouse. Should you fail this jump quickly fire a rope arrow up on to the anchor beam and climb up and try again. It's advisable to fire the rope arrow before attempting the jump to save time should you fall, meaning less time to risk getting caught. Thankfully the skylight on the greenhouse is open, so drop through to enter. Should you need them there is a poppy and some food inside the greenhouse. Enter the cabinet to save your progress and then turn the valve inside the greenhouse to shut off the nearby leaking gas pipe. Inspect the wall near where the gas has just been spraying to identify a loose brick in the wall. Press it to activate a revolving section in the wall revealing the secret entrance. The secret room revealed has a hatch that leads down to a hidden passageway into the house. Drop down to infiltrate the manor. if you haven't done all you wanted to with those guards, fret not as we still have unfinished business there - but that can wait until later.

[edit] Area 4: Underground Passage

Friend in Need Loot 3.jpg
# Item
4 Guilded bottle

It should be noted that this passageway is full of traps, so with the Wire Cutter tool disable the traps as soon as you can. There is a control box near the ladder into the passage way. Fear not for those who don't have the tool though, just use your focus ability and be very careful where you tread. Head further into the passage and you'll eventually come to an intersection. There will be a peep hole in the west passage so take a look through that to spy a cook checking stock in the larder. Once he leaves backtrack a little and enter the north passage. Peer through that peep hole and watch as the cook leaves the larder via the west stairs. Once you're absolutely certain the cook has left, head back to the east passage and press a small button on the north wall, allowing you access now into the larder.

Objective 4: Get up to the Architect's Study

[edit] Larder

As you enter avoid the broken glass littered on the ground and snuff out the candles and make your way to the northeast corner of the room. With the room dark, lift the Guilded bottle on the larder but keep awya from the stairs. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (4/39)) Wait for the cook to re-enter the room from the floor above and knock him out when he returns. Once he is down, head up the stairs to the next floor. ((KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (2/10)) If you have the wire cutter tool, use it to hack the control box on the larder’s central support column. This opens a secret door back in the previous passage, which leads to an elevator. Use the larder’s revolving wall to return to the passage, then use the west elevator to travel up to Eastwick’s study. This is a major shortcut through the chapter, but you’ll miss lots of loot if you go this route.

[edit] Area 5: First Floor

Friend in Need Loot 4.jpg
# Item
5 Gilded bottle
6 Spoon
7 Spoon
8 Teapot
9 Teacup
10 Teacup
11 Candlestick
12 Hairbrush
13 Perfume bottle
14 Ink bottle
Collectible Loot
47 Morendrum Medal
73 Madelaine's Letter

The stairs from the larder to the kitchen on the floor above, sneak up the stairs slowly as there is a guard patrolling the room. There is a moment where he hunches over the table dining table, use this opportunity to get behind him and knock him out. Make sure you're ready to get behind him the moment he crouches over the table because the time window is short, before long he will move away and begin patrolling the floor. (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (3/10)) Now the guard is out of the way, lift all the loot you can find in the dining room, the item should include two spoons on the table, a gilded bottle near the stairs and two cups and a teapot in the cupboards. There are several cabinets in this room, use one of them to save your progress. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (10/39)) Should you have missed the opportunity to take out the guard, crouch near the north doorway and keep an eye on the foyer infront, wait for the guard to walk past and sneak behind; entering the foyer.

[edit] Foyer

Should you have followed the guard in, now is the time to knock him out but make sure you're not too close to the caged bird when you do so, although there are no guards around to witness the act, alerting the bird will count as being detected - losing the Ghost bonus for this mission. Now the foyer is cleared you can plunder it at your leisure. Take the candlestick from near the caged bird and loot the north chest to get yourself a hairbrush and a perfume bottle. Save your progress by way of one of the cabinet and then head through the east door. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (13/39))

If you're going for the predator approach, equip a blunt arrow and fire it at the chandelier above to take the guard out. However, doing so will alert the bird to your presence - losing your Ghost.

[edit] Office

You're not in Eastwick's personal office, but you're looking for his study. Still, sneak past the caged bird and swipe the ink bottle and letter from the far desk. Read the letter and discover it pertains information to a secret passage in the library; now we just need to find it. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (14/39)) Use Focus to look at the table next to the desk to discover a secret button (they weren't joking when they said Eastwick's house was riddled with secret passages and traps) Press the button and it will reveal a wall safe. The safe is locked, but the lock isn't hard to pick. Once you're in you'll discover a price of unique loot entitled "Morendum Medal".

[edit] The Captain's Coin

Remember that there was still unfinished business in the gardens? Well now is the chance to clean it up. Go to the Foyer's south end and snuff out the candles in the southwest corner. Head through the south door to head into the entry room for the foyer. Open the door and standing there will be the captain near the fountain. The nearby guard isn't going to notice if you sneak up and take the coin purses from the waist of the Captain, but the patrolling guards might. Wait for the patrolling guards to move past the east shed then, as a safety measure, save your game. Then, make the move as the guards are looping around the north side of the shed. Pickpocket the captain and then, if you're after knock outs, take him out and then hold down the melee button to pick up his body and drag him back inside before anyone notices anything suspicious. Picking the captain's pockets and knocking him out is no easy task to perform in the time frame available but is possible in the time frame given. However, it may be the wiser choice to pick the pockets and knock the Captain out on two separate occasions - saving your game between each maneuver. (PP.png "Pick 8 pockets" (2/8)) (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (4/10)) With the Captain out of the way the guard near the fountain is now an easy target. Again wait for the patrolling guards to go out of site and move behind the guard and knock him out (he doesn't have anything on him to take). There is no hurry to hide his body as the guards won't notice it on their patrol, but when the chance permits, move the body into the house. (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (5/10))

[edit] Fountain Fun

There are only two guards remaining in the garden, but unfortunately don't have anything on them of value. So taking them out is the best approach to rack up those thieving challenge bonuses. Doing so first requires diverting the attention. Using the central fountain as a means to distract them, stash the stationary guard and captain in the house but don't close the door. Now, save your game inside the shed. Wait until the guard's pass the door or the window of the shed and then pull the lever you saw in their earlier which will start up the fountain, this will create the necessary diversion and split up the guards, priming them to be taken out without being detected. After you pull the lever, lead the shed immediately. The guard with the crossbow will station himself near the shed while the other guard goes over to the greenhouse. Quickly take down the crossbow guard and hold down the melee button to pick his body up immediately and then stash it in the shed. Should you be quick enough, the other guard won't notice this happening. (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (6/10)) Now there is but one guard left to take care of. Wait until he resumes his patrol and then take him out as he passes the shed door. Just like that, the garden is now clear of guards and you've racked up challenges to boot. Time well spent! (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (7/10))

[edit] Garden Growth

The garden is now clear, should you have followed instructions earlier from this walkthrough then you'll only have to retrieve the poppy to the west of the manor front door. Once everything is taken from this area, head back inside. Make your way back to the first floor of the building and the sneak up the stairs a little further, making sure not to alert the caged bird, up the second floor.

[edit] Area 6: Second Floor

Friend in Need Loot 5.jpg
# Item
15 Hairbrush
16 Perfume bottle
17 Candlestick
18 Necklace
19 Jeweled Egg
20 Ink bottle
21 Baron's Bust
22 Candlestick
23 Teapot
Collectible Loot
48 An Abundance of Emptiness

[edit] Hallway

On this floor there are two wings for you to explore, the east and west wing. In between them is a U-shaped hallway that connects one to the other (see above), the study you seek is in the west wing, so it's best to first take a look at the east wing. Enter the east hall and extinguish the candles by snuffing them out, now the hallway is darkened head through the southeast door into the bathroom.

[edit] Bathroom

There is a hairbrush on the bathroom table along with a perfume bottle, loot them and enter the north door into the bedroom. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (6/39))

[edit] Bedroom

Had you taken the crawl space entrance earlier to get into the manor, this would have been the room you would have ended up in. In here is Eastwick's wife and a handmaid talking - they'll be too preoccupied in their discussion to notice you enter. On Eastwick's wife, specifically on her ears, are come valuable to collect. Sneak up behind her and nab both of the earrings (just as you would a Guard's coin purse) do this without knocking her out otherwise the Maid will be alerted to your presence. (PP.png "Pick 8 pockets" (4/8)) Remain behind Eastwick's wife until she turns to face the maid, with her attention somewhere else take this opportunity to swipe the candlestick from the mantlepiece. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (17/39)) Move away from the wife and head for the east wall toward the wall safe. Beware however as there is a caged bird in the alcove with the safe. Once at the safe, it will need to pick the lock which is not an easy feat, make absolutely sure you have the sweet spot for each pin, one mistake will cause the bird to make noise, alerting the wife and her handmaid to your presence. Once the safe is opened swipe the precious necklace and the jeweled egg from inside and close it back up so no one knows it's been raided. Now head back out the way you came back into the East hallway. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all lift items" (19/39)) There is nothing left to explore in this wing, so it's time to make your way to the East Wing where the study is located. As you enter the east wing, snuff out the candles and take the ink bottle from the table and then enter the room to the south. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (20/39))

[edit] Study Stairs

Here is the location of where you would have entered the manor if you had taken the Balcony entrance from the gardens. Snuff out the candles before heading up the stairs to the study. Be mindful of the guard at the top of the stairs though. As it turns out, the guard is trying to get into the Architect's study, shouting at an unresponsive Eastwick through the door. Sneak up behind him and knock him out (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (8/10)) Inspect the painting on the wall near the candles and, if you have the Razor tool, remove it from the frame and you've got yourself a new collectible; a painting called "The Abundance of Emptiness". Unfortunately it seems you can't gain access to the study from here as the door doesn't open so head back to the second floor hallway and enter the nearby canbinet to save your progress before heading into the Library.

[edit] Library

There is a Guard and maid that occupy this room. Wait until the guard is to the south and the maid isn't looking and sneak west and on to the northwest table, make sure you don't disturb the caged bird. From the table climb on to the bookshelf from here you can either sneak across the room unseen or you can further advance your thieving challenges. Should you wish to loot the room, you have no choice but to advance your thieving challenge. Equip your water arrows and when the guard is inspecting the south bookshelf douse the fire in the hearth, raising the guard's suspicion. He will head over to the fire to relight it so quickly equip the Broadhead arrow and score a headshot on the head while the guard is inspecting, should you do this quickly (or with an aerial takedown) the guard should not have noticed. (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (9/10)) Move behind the guard as he relights the fire and pick his pockets then knock him out. (PP.png "Pick 8 pockets" (6/8)) (KK.png "10 kills or knockouts" (10/10)) With the room free, take the Baron's bust from near the fireplace alongside the candlestick, then the teapot from near the maid. Now, inspect the south book shelf. Using focus, there will be a hidden switch, locate it to open another secret passage.

[edit] Secret Lift

In this passage is an elevator with the option of going up or down, down will take you to the secret passage you used to enter the building, so up is the better option. Head up to reach the study.

[edit] Area 7: The Study

Friend in Need Loot 8.jpg
# Item
24 Telescope
25 Pen
74 Miniature Keep
75 Keep Plans
76 Great Safe Combination

Out of the elevator will be a small corridor which has a switch, press the switch to gain access to the study. Entering the Study you are met with the image of a man hanging from the ceiling, it would seem the great Architect killed himself. Anyway, you're not here for the man, only for his blueprints.

Objective 5: Search the Study for the Keep Plans

Shoot the chain which is holding the body using the blunt arrow, then pick-up the golden pen from the dead man's hand Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (25/39)). Take the 'Miniature Keep' document from the bookshelf at the east wall. Climb up the ladder, pass the building plan, take the golden telescope from the shelf (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (24/39)). Return to the building plan and press two hidden switches. This will activate the puzzle, hidden beneath the study's floor. Solve the puzzle (use the real Tower standing outside as the example), then grab the blueprints from the western wall (the Great Safe combination is sticky-taped on them). This will trigger a fast-paced action scene. When you get the controls back, immediately run forward, jumping across the table, and just keep running forward. After crashing at some dinner party, run forward and take the stairs to the right, then just keep running straight.

Objective 6: Get to the Keep

[edit] Area 8: Dayport (Carlysle Court)

# Item
 ?  ?

You can trade with the vendor here. Climb the crates to the east, the grab the rope and pull yourself up.

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