Garrett pickpocketing a Guard
Guards are the primary blockaid that Garrett will face in Thief. Guards are low-class level enemies who can be seen patrolling areas which are deemed important and areas which Garrett needs to infiltrate. They are designed with AI to know the layout of the levels they appear in and, as such, hiding places where Garrett could be concealing himself.[1] They are also proficient in combat and are a difficult opponent for Garrett should be be found by a guard.

They will react to any noises they hear, this could be from the environment such as hearing Garrett wade through puddles and ponds, to the sound of a Blunt Arrow rebounding off a nearby wall. This can be used to the advantage of Garrett to lure them away from areas deemed of interest. They may also sometimes have coin or other items on their person which Garrett can pickpocket when they guards are not paying attention. [2][3]

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