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Client Job #1: "Hand Tailored"

Hand Tailored is the first Client Job in Thief. It can be initiated by visiting Ector in Ector's Emporium.


[edit] Description

Ector wants me to break into Alfonso's tailors and steal a mechanical hand he says belongs to him. Something feels odd about this whole affair but the loot sounds interesting.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Steal the Automaton's Mechanical Hand
+ Escape Alfonso's Attire

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Value
Remain undetected 120 G
Pick 5 pockets 90 G
1 kill or knockout 50 G
Lift all loot items 230 G

Client Job Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 3
Common Loot Items: 24
Pockets to Pick: 5
Locks to pick: 3
Threats (Eelbiters): 4

Top Tip
While playing through this level keep the following things in mind:

  • The Wrench tool makes the job a little easier once you are inside the shop
  • if you're playing on the highest difficulty, bring plenty of Blunt Arrows to create distractions for enemies
  • The Razor tool is required if you are too complete all the objectives in this client job. If you accept this job before the razor tool is available, the job is always available to replay.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton's Mechanical Hand

[edit] Area 1: Alfonso's Surroundings

Hand Tailored Loot 1.jpg
# Item
1 Ashtray
2 Pocket portrait

It turns out you aren't the only one interested in paying Alfonso a visit. You'll find a member of the local gang called the Eelbiters roughing up a civilian, giving them a scolding. Eavesdrop on the conversation. The civilian serves no threat to you, but the Eelbiter does. Keep to the shadows (as indicated by the light orb on your HUD) in the middle of the street, keeping left of the broken glass. You are able to sneak up to and past the Eelbiter before his suspicions are raised. Move behind him quickly and quietly and pick his pockets. Be mindful not to step on any of the broken glass or knock over any breakables in the process. (PP.png "Pick 5 pockets" (2/5)) Knock out the guard after picking his pocket, then sneak north and swipe an ashtray off the north crate. Backtrack behind the guard afterward and peer through the keyhole of the shop’s locked front door. (KK.png "1 kill or knockout (1/1))(Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (1/24)) Inside the shop, another Eel is shaking down the tailor. Pick the door’s lock if you like, but don’t enter the shop just yet. Instead, sneak east down the street. Pass through a gate and climb through an open window on your right to enter a small, candlelit room. Swipe the pocket portrait off the room’s table, then enter the cabinet to save your progress. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (2/24)) Go north and pluck the poppy that grows near the door at the street’s east end. Move to the doorway and study the tailor and Eels on the shop’s main floor (there are two thugs in the shop now). Don’t make any aggressive moves just yet—there’s an easier way inside. Climb onto the nearby crate and enter the high open window to infiltrate Alfonso’s Residence.

[edit] Area #2: Alfonso's Residence

Hand Tailored Loot 2.jpg
# Item
3 Pocket portrait
4 Ink bottle
5 Scissors
6 Earrings
7 Hand mirror
8 Perfume bottle
9 Vase
10 Perfume bottle
11 Hairbrush
14 The Statuesque Lady
15 Guilt Has Black Wings
30 Eelbiter's Contract
31 Engineer's Letter to Alfonso

As you enter the residence, collect the food that lay on the barrel with the candle on it. Snuff out the candles and move onto the next room. Be aware there is a single Eelbiter patrolling the upper level of the building and will soon enter the room through the north door. Hot the light switch on the north wall and unscrew the vent to the west and make your way through the crawlspace. Remain in the space and spy on the patrolling Eelbiter and wait for him to enter the room you have turned the lights off. Don't jump him, continue to wait until he leaves the room. When he starts leaving the room, leave the crawlspace and creep up behind him and when close enough, pick his pockets. (PP.png "Pick 5 pockets" (3/5)). After his pockets have been thoroughly pillaged, knock him out. Now he is down you are free to wander around the residential area of the shop. Make your way back to the previous room and pick up the pocket portrait and ink bottle on the west shelf, and then the scissors and newspaper article on the table. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (5/24)). If you have the razor tool at this point you can use it to steal the painting on the east wall. If not, worry not, simply acquire it a later date and return to replay the mission. Now, move into the hallway and search the table drawers and you will find some earrings. The bedroom and bathroom, accessible from the hallway, are also full of goodies to loot. Pick the nightstand's locked drawer and discover a collectible loot item, and search the lowest to find another document. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (11/24)) After completely cleaning out the second floor , head back to the window you used to enter the residence and drop down to the crate. Then carefully make your way to the shop's back door.

[edit] Area #3: Alfonso's Shop

Hand Tailored Loot 3.jpg
# Item Location
12 Vase
13 Earrings
14 Perfume bottle
15 Hairbrush
16 Earrings
17 Vase
18 Scissors
19 Pocket portrait
20 Pocket portrait
Alfonso's Workshop
21 Ink bottle
22 Hand mirror
23 Scissors
24 Turquoise brooch
15 The Mechanical Hand
32 Alfonso's Register
33 Alfonso's Workbook

There’s only one Eel in the shop now; the other Eel has gone downstairs to search the cellar. Sneak very slowly and remain in the shadows near the shop’s south wall, and you can slip right past the stationary Eel unseen. Sneak to the west wall, moving close to the shop’s front door. Toss a throwable at the shop’s northwest corner to lure the tailor away. (If you don’t have a throwable, there’s one on the table upstairs in the residence. An arrow will also do the trick) When the tailor moves to inspect the disturbance, sneak behind him and knock him out. You’ll be far enough away from the stationary Eel that he won’t see or hear the struggle. Now simply sneak behind the Eel, pick his pocket and then knock him out as well. Once he’s down, you’ll be free to loot the shop. Search every shelf and drawer for plunder, and inspect the book on the checkout counter to obtain a new document. (PP.png "pick 5 pockets" (4/5)) (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (19/24)) With the shop and residence fully plundered, all that remains is the cellar. Sneak downstairs and study the lone Eel who’s searching the small room. When the Eel moves to inspect the crates near the stairs, sneak behind him, pick his pocket, and knock him out. Now you’re free to plunder the cellar. Search every drawer and inspect the book on the table to obtain another document. (PP.png “Pick 5 pockets” (5/5)) ( Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items “Lift all loot items” (24/24)) Pick the wall safe’s simple lock to discover the object of Ector’s desires: the Mechanical Hand. Pocket this collectible loot item, then make good your escape.

Objective 2: Escape Alfonso's Attire

Since you’ve knocked out every guard—and even poor Alfonso—escaping the shop is short work. Simply stroll through the front door and proceed through the west gate to return to Baron’s Way North.

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