Happy Medium

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Client Jobs
Client Job #2: "Happy Medium"

Happy Medium is the second Client Job in Thief. It can be initiated by visiting Vittori in Siren's Rest Tavern.

[edit] Description

Vittori is looking for his amazing oracle from the future, the incredible Talking Skull. No doubt someone will be trying to sell an item like that on the black market somewhere.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Find a Clue to the Skull's Whereabouts
+ Open the Gate for Lenny the Drunk
+ Keep Lenny Moving to Reach His Hideout
+ Steal the Skull
+ Return to the City

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Value
Remain undetected 200 G
Take no damage 90 G
2 combat takedowns 25 G
Lift all loot items 175 G

Client Job Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 3
Common Loot Items: 20
Pockets to Pick: None
Locks to Pick: 2
Threats (Eelbiters): 5

Top Tips
Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this client job:

  • Bring at least two broadhead arrows into the mission so you can stun enemies and then execute combat takedowns without being detected.
  • Save often so you can reload if you take damage.
  • Follow this walkthrough carefully and you’ll complete every Thieving Challenge in one go.
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