John Tallow's Blacklist

John Tallow's Blacklist is a Stonemarket document found in Thief.

[edit] Description

5 29 NRy842
Lady Christina pretended not to see me today. Rigged the wheel of her carriage to crack when she reaches the cobbles. Wish I could be there to see her take a spill.

6 2 NRy842
Wanted ti buy a Montonessi painting off Joben but he said they're worth more now the artist's offed himself. I'll take a knife to the bastard's collection before the week is done.

6 12 NRy842
Tried to fence some jewels in Blackfurrow, but the Rube said they were too hot. He and Basso are in it against me, I just know it. Basso's got connection but Rube's on the list.

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