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Lockdown is the first mission in the game Thief. Garrett must make his way through the Stonemarket district to the Clock Tower, where Basso awaits his arrival.


[edit] Description

Something weird has happened and The City has mysteriously changed. It is time to find some answers and clear up what's going on. The first step is to return to the Clock Tower and look for clues. The sickness called the Gloom is roaming the streets so the Baron's Watch has locked down The City. Getting there might be a problem.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Head to the Clock Tower
+ Bypass the lock down gate
++ Find a way into the Jeweller's Shop
++ Steal the Jewelled Mask
++ Exit by the upstairs window

+ Continue to the Clock Tower

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Playstyle Reward
Remain Undetected Ghost 125 G
Extinguish 9 Flames Opportunist 100 G
Headshot 4 threats Predator 75 G
Lift all Loot Items Hybrid 150 G

Chapter Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 4
Common Loot Items: 60
Pockets to Pick: 12
Locks to Pick: 8
Threats (Guards): 15

Top Tips
In order to fully complete this challenge you will need to:

  • Find all Broadhead Arrows in this chapter to complete the Headshot 4 Threats challenge
  • You cannot miss a single hit with the Headshot 4 Threats challenge, or you will fail
  • Playing on hardest difficulty, you cannot knock out the jeweler, use throwables to distract his attention instead

Objective 1: Head to the Clock Tower

[edit] Area 1: The Enclosure

Lockdown Loot 1.jpg
# Item
1 Flask
2 Gear
2 "The Benefits of Strict Curfew"

Focus Points
Garrett now has a new power available to him after the events of the Baron's Manor: Focus. Engage Focus to highlight objects of value and interest in your surroundings and to identify threats such as caged birds and guards. Garrett slowly loses energy while using Focus, so use it sparingly. Focus energy can be restored by collecting and consuming rare flowers called poppies.

Thieving Challenges
You have the option to undertake special Thieving Challenges from the start of this chapter. For each challenge you complete, you’ll be awarded with sums of gold at the chapter’s end.

Search this first area for a number of valuables that are hidden; including a flask that lay on the railings in front of you. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (1/60)). Climb the cabinet at the east side of the alley and reach a gear that is hidden on a pipe. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (2/60)). If you wish to save your game, enter the cabinet (this is done automatically, assuming you are not in combat) Scale the stairs to the north of the alley and discover a newspaper article. Descend the east stairs and head up the north wall to reach the ladder lead to the rooftops. Grab the sack of food once you have climbed the ladder and then scale the wall to go up even higher. From here you can see the Clock Tower in the distance.

Chow Time
Open the inventory to eat food and replenish a significant amount of Garrett’s health. You can only carry up to five food items, so try to save them until you really need them.

Collect a gear from the higher roof before dropping down to the next roof to the north. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot" (3/60))

[edit] Area 2: Traitorsgate

Lockdown Loot 2.jpg
# Item
3 Gear
4 Coin purse
5 Gear
6 Gold coin
8 Gold coin
9 Pen
10 Candlestick
Collectible Loot
2 Amethyst Circle
3 Lockdown Regulations

You’ve reached Traitorsgate. Eavesdrop on the pair of guards below, as they do they start to walk. Make sure you keep out of sight at all times so they don't spot you and cause you to lose your Ghost status. Sneak past the guards by moving onto the west walkway. From there, you can climb up to a thick pipe that spans the street, moving to the Backway. The guards have important loot to steal, however, so it’s worth dropping from the roof. One guard remains at the street’s west end; the other patrols the length of the street. Carefully drop to the dark south alcove and lurk in the shadows as you wait for the patrolling guard to approach. When the guard moves past, heading east, quickly sneak behind him and knock him out, then search his body to discover a document and lift his gold. If you don’t wish to knock out the guard, you can pick his pocket and swoop back to the shadows, but this is far more challenging, and you may wish to steal the document and the coin purse on separate attempts.

[edit] House Hall

Next, move to the door of the street’s central building. There’s no one inside, so enter without bothering to peek through the keyhole. If the patrolling guard is still about, close the door behind you. Inside the building, collect a water arrow and a coin purse. With the room entirely pillaged, head back outside. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot" (4/60))

[edit] Area 3: Backway

The backway is a very shadow-rich area and there are not very many sources of light. You will see a man tending to a dead body working, unfortunately, in one of the few lightened areas in this part of The City, but however has conveniently left his helmet elsewhere. Should you be looking to rack up some extra gold with the "headshot 4 threats" challenge, he would count toward it. Leave the guard behind and climb the east wall to reach a secret area to the side. Drop down and collect two water arrows from the box. Climb back up the wall and move along the wooden walkway, back toward the guard. From here to can execute an aerial take down, but if you're after the challenges don't do this. Ignoring the guard again while he goes about his business, completely unaware of you, climb up the north wall to the higher balcony. and collect the gear, do not climb the north wall however. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (5/60)).

[edit] Here Comes the Headshots

Sneak back around to the ground and, if you're wanting as much gold as possible, quietly approach the guard from the back and steal his coin purse. Sneak back to the backway's tree and notice there are some arrows on the table near the guard. Wait until he is facing away from the table and quickly nab them, you'll not be two broadhead arrows up. Now you've done everything here you can take down the guard with the aid of your trust bow and a well place arrow. Ready the Broadhead arrow from the selection menu and aim right for his head. Wait until the targeting reticule narrows and becomes surrounded by crosshairs, then release and kill the guard with a headshot. Taking too long to do this will cause the reticule to expand once again. If this happens, cancel the aiming and begin anew. (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "headshot 4 threats" (1/4)) Move to the backway's north end and climb the wall to go back to Traitorsgate. The last guard has no gold to steal, so he's all but useless other than to complete those sweet, sweet thieving challenges. A useless guard is often a dead guard! He does prove to be somewhat trickier than the last guard since he has a helmet on that covers the top half of his head, but the sides of his cranium are exposed. Fire an arrow at the weakspot on either side of his head to get the headshot. (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "Headshot 4 threats" (2/4))

[edit] Traitorsgate Loot

Taking out the guards prowling Traitorsgate offers an easier time of prowling and plundering loot. Search near the southwest barrel and card to discover a precious ring that sits in a jewel box on the ground. obtaining this ring is neigh on impossible without taking out the guards, your only other option would be to find a throwable and distract their attention with it. Head back to the Backway and take a pair of gold coins that lay on the ground unattended near the wall you have just vaulted over. Climb back over the wall into backway. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (7/60))

[edit] Moving On

If you have left that guard attending to the body alive you will now need to sneak past him to reach the climbable wall to the north. You can either do this by being very quick, yet quiet, and sneak behind him, or using a Water Arrow to douse the brazier near the table and moving past him in the dark. Don't take too long though as he will eventually relight the brazier after it has been extinguished. However neither of these options are necessary if you opt to take the higher path by climbing the east wall and crossing the north balcony. After the north wall drop into the darkened alley below . Collect the pen to the east of the alley on the floor then head to the west end to pick the lock of the locked gate. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (8/60)) Collect the sack of food on the ground beyond the gate, then close the gate so you may reach the candlestick on the north canister. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items (9/60)) Maneuver past some crates and debris to reach the next area, tapping the Interact button to heave a fallen beam out of your way.

Objective 2: Find a Way Into the Jeweler's Shop

[edit] Area 4: Stonecutter's Court

Lockdown Loot 3.jpg
# Item
10 Gold coin
11 Gold coin
12 Gold coin
13 Knife

More guards patrol this area. One of the guards comments on the expensive mask in the window of the Serendi's jewelers. Remain on the roof and watch the guards’ patrol routes. Two guards walk a long patrol down the street, while a third guards walks a shorter patrol up north. The jeweler’s shop stands to the west, and there’s a dark alley behind you, to the east. When you’re ready, sneak north along the rooftops. Drop from a narrow beam to reach a dark alcove at the street level. Remain in the shadows as you move to collect a single gold coin that sits atop one of the crates in the street. Keep well out of sight of the patrolling guards. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (10/60)) After collecting the coin, notice a small box atop a nearby barrel. Pick its lock and claim two valuable broadhead arrows and a water arrow. The front door of the jeweler’s shop is locked. You could try to pick the lock, but the patrolling guards may notice you. There are easier ways of infiltrating the shop, so ignore it for now and sneak into the dark east alley, which is free of guards.

[edit] Area 5: Stonecutter's Court East

Make your way to the dark east alley if the guards are ever in pursuit, as you are able to climb up to higher ground. Before you climb anything, swipe the gold coin that sits near a barrel in the east alley. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (11/60)) Then scale the west wall to reach a roof. Go across the gap to access the east shelf, where you will find another gold coin in a bird’s nest. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (12/60)) Take the south stairs down to visit the Underpass.

[edit] Area 6: Underpass

Lockdown Loot 4.jpg
# Item
13 Coin purse
4 Clock Tower Stops Again!

The east alley’s southern stairs lead to a beggar-filled Underpass. There’s nothing for you to fear here, except maybe the plague. If you’re feeling cruel, douse the beggars’ fire with a water arrow. However, there are other flames to extinguish, so there’s no need to waste a water arrow here. Navigate the Underpass until you reach a door. Open it and collect a newspaper and some food from the small storage room beyond. Close the door afterward to discover a lost coin purse on the ground. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (13/60)) After collecting your plunder, crouch and enter the nearby crawl space. Scale a wall within the crawl space to reach a higher passage that leads back outside.

[edit] Area 7: Stonecutter's Court West

The Underpass has led you to Stonecutter’s Court’s west alley, which is also unguarded. You could also have reached this alley by climbing the wall near the flickering streetlight. move to the alley that heads north. You can ignore the beggers in the street. There is a crate that you can climb to reach a hanging rope. By climbing this rope, you can sneak into the jeweler’s shop via a second-floor window. There are other ways to enter the shop, however, so ignore the rope for now. You soon come to a locked gate. There’s a locked door nearby as well, which leads into the jeweler’s shop cellar. For now, pick the lock on the gate, then go through.

[edit] The North Guard's Gold

Sneak to the top of the stairs beyond the gate. The fortunate soul you see possesses two tantalizing purses. When he turns his back to you, move up the stairs and peek around the edge of the nearby table. Wait patiently near the table until the two patrolling guards arrive. When they move away, swoop toward the north guard the moment he turns his back and pick his pocket. You don’t have much time, so head to the north shadows afterward and look for a chance to steal his other purse. The easier option of course is to just knock out the guard, grab his body, and drag him back into the west alley. All before the other guards return. You can also, rather than knock him out, shoot him in the face to get other one of your head shot thieving challenges out of the way. The principle of executing it, and him, are similar: Peek around the table until the two patrolling guards arrive and leave, then step out and slay the north guard with a broadhead arrow to the face (not the knee!) then quickly collect his body and hide it in the alley before the patrolling guards return. (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "Headshot 4 threats" (3/4)) If you’re feeling particularly aggressive, you can bring the overhead hanging boards crashing down on the north guard. Broadhead arrows will do the trick. If you’re determined to do this, ensure that the guard is standing near the street’s north crates when you fire, and he’ll be crushed. The noise will alert the patrolling guards, however, if they are nearby, and they’ll also spot the body if you aren’t quick to move it. Pretty risky, but so much fun. However you choose to tackle the north guard, be sure to collect his coinage, along with the knife that sits atop the table near the west alley’s stairs. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items (14/60))

[edit] Entering the Jeweler's Shop

There are a total of four ways to gain access to the jeweler's shop:

  • The locked front door: This is the boldest and probably worst option, for picking the difficult door lock is way too risky with the two patrolling guards nearby. There’s also a guard patrolling inside the shop just beyond the door. Opening the door with him nearby will certain get his attention.
  • A high crawl space in the north wall: This is a good way of entering, as it takes you to the first floor’s rafters, in good position to surprise or avoid the patrolling guard inside the shop.
  • The locked cellar door in the west alley: This is another good way of entering, as you can explore the shop floor by floor, from bottom to top. The jeweler is busy working in the cellar and is easy to slip past or neutralize with a stealth takedown.
  • The west alley’s rope, which leads up to a high window: This places you on the shop’s first floor, right near the stairs, where no guards patrol.

For the purposes of walking you through this game, we're going to follow the path as if you took the locked cellar door approach. The only difference in which entrance is picked is the order the following events happen in.

Objective 3: Steal the Jeweled Mask

[edit] Area 8: Serendi Jeweler's Cellar

Lockdown Loot 5.jpg
# Item
15 Letter Opener
16 Ink Bottle
17 Cup
18 Bracelet
19 Pile of coins
3 Lyegrove's Jewelled Mask
5 Lyegrove's Letter

The cellar to the jewelery store is full to the brim of all sorts of loot to plunder . However the Jeweler can be seen busily working between his work stations with his back tot he door you just entered from. Before moving any further into the area, close the door behind you as the jewler may notice if it is left open. Enter the nearby cabinet to save you progress, if anything went awry it would be terrible if you had to go back all the way to the beginning of the chapter! After you leave the cabinet, evaluate the situation. You can try to collect all the loot without knocking him out by snuffing the candles dotted around the room and plundering under the cover of darkness, or the easier option would be to flat out render him unconscious with the use of the Blackjack. Either way, snuff all the candles and nab the two coin purses on the jeweler's person. (Thieving Challenge: Opportunist "extinguish 9 flames (4/9)) Collect the letter on his desk. Reading it provides you with a useful clue to unlocking the concealed safe in the cellar. Now loot everything you find in the cellar. Be sure not to miss the fire arrow in the box on the crate - useful for igniting kerosene spills or to bring hanging boards down on unsuspecting guards. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (19/60))

[edit] The Genuine Article

Inspect the painting in the room's southwest corner . Locate the trigger on the edge of the frame to reveal the concealed wall safe. This safe will require a combination to gain access to the goods inside. The combination, if you haven't figured it out already, will be on the letter you lifted from the jeweler's desk. Read the numbers that begin each paragraph and you will have the correct combination to enter; 7-3-9. Open the safe and inside will be the genuine Lyegrove's Jewelled Mask. Now you need to get out of there!

Objective 4: Exit by the Upstairs Window

[edit] Area 9: Serendi Jeweller's Shop

Lockdown Loot 6.jpg
# Item Location
20 Ink bottle
21 Candlestick
22 Candlestick
23 Letter opener
24 Cup
25 Gold coin
26 Letter Opener
27 Pile of coins
28 Candlestick
29 Pile of coins
30 Ink bottle
31 Earrings
32 Bracelet
33 Ring
34 Brooch
35 Necklace
36 Brooch
37 Necklace
38 Bracelet
39 Bracelet
40 Earrings
41 Necklace
42 Brooch
43 Ring
44 Bracelet
45 Earrings
46 Necklace
47 Gold coin
48 Pile of coins
49 Pile of coins
50 Ink bottle
4 Sootback Bracelet
5 Jewelled Mask

When you reach the top of the cellar stairs, you’ll be near an open window on the shop’s first floor. This is the same window you could have snuck through had you climbed the rope in Stonecutter’s Court’s west alley. If you’re in a hurry to move on, simply head upstairs to reach the Residence floor, which you can easily sneak through. If you’re more interested in loot, ignore the stairs and use the nearby cabinet to save. Exit the cabinet and get on top of it. From there, climb up onto the overhead rafters. Now you can sneak around the entire shop without fear of the two guards detecting you. (A third guard is fast asleep in a chair upstairs.)

[edit] Rafter Action

Looting the shop is much easier after neutralizing both guards, so let’s take them out. Move onto the large pipe that runs along the north wall to reach the shop’s showroom. This is where you would have entered the shop had you scaled its north wall. Wait for the patrolling guard to pause near the pipe, then knock him out with an aerial takedown. If you like, drop and pick this one’s pocket first. Now for the guard in the study. This guard has fallen fast asleep in a chair. Pick him off with a headshot, or simply knock him out with a stealth takedown. (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "headshot 4 threats" (4/4)) With both guards neutralized, you’re free to plunder the shop. As always, search every drawer and cabinet, including the display cases in the store. When you think you’ve cleared out a room, use Focus to ensure you haven’t missed anything. The safe in the study sports a difficult lock, but the valuables inside are well worth stealing. Inside you’ll find a pile of gold coins and a collectible loot item. The locked drawer in the showroom contains a Jeweled Mask—the fake one that Lyegrove made. Though it isn’t genuine, it’s a good enough fake to count as a collectible loot item—the last one in this chapter. One piece of loot may even escape your Focus. It lies up high, above the rafters, in the study’s south corner. Cross the rafters to reach it. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (50/60)) Drop from the rafters after claiming this last piece of loot and pinch out the candle in the study. (Thieving Challenge: Opportunist "extinguish 9 flames" (5/9)) When you’ve finished looting the shop, sneak upstairs to explore the Residence.

[edit] Area 10: Serendi Jewelers Residence

Lockdown Loot 7.jpg
# Item
51 Cup
52 Cup
53 Pile of coins
54 Letter opener
55 Cup
56 Pile of coins
57 Cup
58 Earrings
59 Cup
60 Hairbrush
6 Who Watches the Watch Hounds?

The second floor of the building is the living quarters for the jeweler and his wife, the latter of which is found on this floor, so be careful not to get caught by her! There is also another guard here, found asleep, so don't worry too much about him just make sure you remain quiet. Alternatively you can finish him off with a quick blow from a broadhead arrow if you're still requiring headshots to complete the objective. To be extra careful you can also just perform stealth take down on him to make sure he doesn't wake up no matter what you do. Snuff out the nearby candles and pillage the room, collecting two cups, along with the food on the table for extra health should you so need it. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (52/60))(Thieving Challenge: Opportunist "extinguish 9 flames" (6/9)) Make your way into the next room where you will find the jewelers wife sat in a chair in front of the fire (if she isn't there yet, be patient, she soon will be) There is no need to knock her out as you can gather all you need from this room without alerting her to your attention if you remain quiet and sneak around. Raid the drawers of the desk to the south of the room and the small table on the east and then carefully swipe the cup from the table next to the wife. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (56/60)).
Return to the hall and enter the east bedroom, making sure you don't alert the bird on the hall table to your presence. In there is no new loot to collect, but a new document titled "Who Watches the Watch Hounds?". Return to the hall and make your way north and you will come to an open window, do not climb through it just yet! Doing so will result in needing to replay the chapter from your last save point as it is inaccessible from then on. Swipe the cup from the table in the room with the jewelers wife and collect the hair brush in the bedroom to the east. Congratulations, with those two pieces of loot you have successfully pillaged everything available to you in this chapter! (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "lift all loot items" (60/60)) Once you have finished your business in the jewelers, simply head out of the north window and continue on.

Objective 5: Continue to the Clock Tower

[edit] Area 11: Blackfurrow Alcove

Lockdown Loot 8.jpg
# Item
7 Lockdown!

Now you have bypassed the lockdown zone, you can continue on to the clock tower. Dropping from the Jeweler's shop will land you in a dark alley. Collect the newspaper on the nearby bench to acquire a new document titled "Lockdown!" After that, head to the other end of the alley and pry open the window, and enter through a small town house.

[edit] Area 12: Town House

The Town House holds little to nothing. Pinch out the candle at the other end before leaving through the north door. It might be worth looking through the lock before heading out.

[edit] Area 13: Blackfurrow

Leaving the house will find yourself in another back alley. There will be two guards near the entrance. Eavesdrop on the conversation if you like by remaining behind the crates infront of the Town House door. One of the guards also has loot upon his person which is all available for the taking, so if you're feeling particularly lucky, climb over the crates and take what is, after all, rightfully yours. While the other guard will be facing you, in the light it is worth noting, the other guard you're stealing from will be blocking his view of you, but still be quick about it. Once you have taken your earnings, head back over the crate and farther into the alley under the cover of darkness, heading west. After a short while you will come across a tall crate, climb it to gain access to a nearby porch.

[edit] Guards in the Alley

Loop around the porch and there you will find two guards talking to a frustrated woman, after some verbal harassment the two guards walk away and continue their patrol. Tail the guards until they reach a light brazier then continue walking along their route. You will have plenty of time during their route to take the money from their pockets after they light the first brazier, but if you are to take their money you will need to do so before they reach the second as they don't move after reaching that area. After pickpocketing the guards, head back a little and extinguish two wall braziers with water arrows, the two that the guards have lit, and you will have completed the last thieving challenge. (Thieving Challenge: Opportunist "extinguish 9 flames" (9/9)). Make sure you extinguish the flames after the guards have passed them or you will raise their suspicions.

[edit] Clock Tower Approach

After picking the guards’ pockets, look for a vertical pipe that you can climb to reach a higher walkway. Maneuvering past the guards, look for some climbable crates that lead to an upper ledge. Use them to reach higher ground. At this point, you can simply cross the wooden beams and walkways to slip past the remaining guards and reach the clock tower. If you’re feeling more predatory, options abound for aerial takedowns. The stationary guard at the street’s north end is a prime target, as is the patrolling watchman. The two guards you tailed through the street can also be cleanly killed by dropping the overhead boards on them, just like the north guard back in Stonecutter’s Court. Target the rope’s hinge and unleash an arrow, then sit back and enjoy the carnage. This is likely to draw other guards to investigate, so don’t do this if you’re trying to ghost through the stage.

When you reach the street’s north end, simply scale the high north wall to conclude the chapter. You can also climb onto the east balcony and backtrack a bit to get the drop on the guards you followed before. So many options, so little time.

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