Lyegrove's Letter

Lyegrove's Letter
Lyegrove's Letter is a document found in the cellar of Serendi Jewellers. In the document is encrypted the combination for the safe hidden behind the painting in the same room.

[edit] Description


7 - I half expect this to join the piles of unsent letters sloughing in the rain uptown. Let us pray that is does not, for I have a delicate proposition from which we could both benefit. Benefit richly.

3 - My usual clientele, the middling class, have little taste and less money. So I ventured my services to a... Madam Zow Zow. A South Quarter madam, half payment upfront. Of course there's danger but the thrill has driven me to fashion quite the piece, cousin! One deserving of a noble home, and a noble's purse.

9 - So for the madam I made a gilded copy with the finest glass befitting a whoremonger. The real money is in the original piece I'll keep close in my workshop, 'til you find a buyer outside this reeking city. The Madam, and her pet jack-knifes, will never know.


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