Madam Xiao-Xiao's Diary

Madam Xiao-Xiao's diary is a document found during the Chapter 03 mission "Dirty Secrets".

[edit] Description

The bizarre pedestal I discovered in the hidden passageway continues to perplex me. It appears that something should be placed there but what? And the meaning of those mysterious symbols upon the walls? I am well-read, I daresay more than most, yet I have never seen their like.

I refuse to ask that sour little fish, Eastwick. He's seen too much as it is. Honestly, my whispering corridor has become a curse. Sometimes I feel I should have bricked it in... though I know it's one of my silly moods. No matter how many of The City's noble swine I hear squeal *their* closest desires, *I* am no close to this House's true secret.

One day it shall be mine, even if I have to pluck all my eyelashes for wishes.

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