Poem Fragments

Poem Fragments are documents found in the South Quarter in Thief.


[edit] Descriptions

[edit] Poem Fragment One

Shadows litter broken ways and wash against the grass,
Feeding on silent sprays of fallen fans of glass

[edit] Poem Fragment Two

Falling from the precipice of all we held to hope
Alighting on a carapace of twisted ash and rope

[edit] Poem Fragment Three

Then tumbling through the cracks in time like feathers turned to lead,
To wreathe themselves in endless mime about the writing dead--

[edit] Poem Fragment Four

To walk this path, to see this place where dreams can fall like rain
Upon the sleeping wash of space where love knows only pain

[edit] Poem Fragment Five

When all is shattered, flailing past to sink into the loam,
The buildings follow suit, at last, and soldiers dream of home.

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