Sideshow Attraction

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Sideshow Attraction is the third Vittori side mission and the fifth client mission available in Thief.

[edit] Description

Vittori is distraught at the loss of his love Ysabella after the wandered off and got herself arrested for street walking. Now she's locked up in the Watch station and needs rescuing.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Free Ysabella
+ Escape the Watch Station with Ysabella

Thieving Challenges
Challenges Value
Remain undetected 350 G
District 4 threats 200 G
4 combat takedowns 110 G
Lift all loot waiting 300 G

Collectible Loot Items: 2
Common Loot Items: 18
Pockets to Pick: 16
Locks to Pick: 4
Threats (Eelbiters): 11
Top Tips

Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this client job:

  • Bring plenty of blunt arrows into the mission so you can easily create distractions.
  • Bring lots of broadhead and sawtooth arrows as well so you can cripple threats and then perform combat takedowns without being detected. Headshots are also helpful toward the mission’s end.
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