Silence is Golden

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Client Job #3: "Silence is Golden"

Hand Tailored is the third Client Job in Thief. It can be initiated by visiting Ector in Ector's Emporium.


[edit] Description

Ector previously hired a thief to steal back the Automaton's Voice Box but the blackhand was caught and most probably hanging from the gallows. He wants me to find him and track down the prize.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Steal the Automaton's Voice Box
+ Escape the Pawn Shop

Thieving Challenges
Challenge Value
Remain undetected 350 G
1 environmental exploit 100 G
Headshot 3 threats 85 G
Lift all loot items 215 G

Client Job Stats
Collectible Loot Items: 3
Common Loot Items: 29
Pockets to Pick: 1
Locks to pick: 4
Threats (Guards): 3
Threats (Oxheart Perry): 1

Top Tip
Keep the following tips in mind to gain an advantage in this client job:

  • Bring several broadhead arrows into the mission to simplify situations and score headshots to complete a Thieving Challenge.
  • The wrench tool will help you sneak around the shop if you prefer not to harm anyone.
  • The razor tool is required if you wish to find all of the collectible loot items.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton's Voice Box

[edit] Area 1: Abandoned House

Silence is Golden Loot 1.jpg
# Item
Abadoned House
1 Ashtray
2 Letter Opener
Butcher's Dock
3 Bracelet
Oxheart Perry's Basement
4 Vase
5 Candlestick
6 Perfume bottle
15 Bracelet
16 Coin purse
Oxheart Perry's Shop
7 Astray
8 Letter opener
9 Perfume bottle
10 Teapot
17 Teapot
18 Perfume bottle
19 Candlestick
20 Bracelet
21 Ink bottle
22 Coin purse
23 Ink bottle
24 Coin purse
25 Letter opener
26 Vase
27 Letter opener
28 Candlestick
29 Teapot
Oxheart Perry's Residence
11 Ashtray
12 Candlestick
13 Perfume bottle
14 Ashtray
Collectible Loot
43 The Observant Lady
44 The Grace of Insecurity
45 The voice Box
Butcher's Dock
70 Red Blades' Orders
Oxheart Perry's Residence
71 Oxheart Perry's Notebook
72 Oxheart Perry's Shop Register

Collect the ashtray and the letter opener form the room in which you begin in and then climb through the window to reach Butchers Dock. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (2/29)) Now take the ashtray from the nearby crate and then look to the sky and notice a large crate suspended above the pit in the center of the area. Knockout or kill the caged dog and then use a Blunt Arrow to shoot the crate down - since the guard and dog are down there is no where close enough to hear the crash. However if you fail to neutralize the dog the sound of the crates crashing into the basement will cause it to go into a frenzy causing you to become detected. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (3/29)) (EE.png "1 environmental exploit" (1/1))

[edit] Area 2: Butcher's Deck

There is a guard that patrols the street of this area and Oxheart Perry is seen in the upstairs window shouting at him. Wait until he vanishes back inside his house and then taken the guard out with a headshot. Drop down to the ground level and collect the document the guard was collecting, without alerting the caged dog (you can always knock it out with a choke arrow) (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "Headshot 3 threats" (1/3))

[edit] Area 3: Oxheart Perry's Basement

Raid the basement and collect a vase, a candlestick and a perfume bottle. You'll notice a chest also, don't open this just yet as it's trapped. Instead head up the stairs once the floor is looted. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (6/29))

[edit] Area 4: Oxheart Perry's Shop

Stop on the landing and listen to the conversation between the two guards at the top of the stairs. Wait until one moves away from the other and then take down the guard still in his original position down with an arrow to the face. Then quickly turn off the lights in the room via the lightswitch for the patrolling guard doesn't return and see his dead companion. Once the patrolling guard returns, offer him the same fate. (Thieving Challenge: Headshots "Headshot 3 threats" (3/3)) Now those guards are taken care of, loot the the room you're in by swiping an ashtray, letter opener, perfume bottle, and a teapot and then head upstairs to the residential part of the building.

[edit] Area 5: Oxheart Perry's Residence

Take the ashtray off the table on the residence floor and then open a nearby door to gain entry into Perry's bedroom where the man himself will be asleep in his chair. If you're feeling particularly violent put an arrow through his head, or simply quickly sneak around the room, and loot the number of valuables in his room making sure you swipe the collectible "The Observant Lady" in the cabinet drawers. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (14/29)) You'll also see a control box on the wall of his bedroom, this is for the trapped chest in the basement you saw earlier. Open it up and disable it with the wirecutter tool. Search the nightstand for a document and then head back downstairs.

[edit] Area 3: Oxheart Perry's Basement (Revisited)

Head back to the basement of the building now that the trap guarding the chest has been disabled and open it to obtain a bracelet and a coin purse. Now you've procured those items, head up the stairs again to the shop to loot the other rooms. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items (16/29))

[edit] Area 4: Oxheart Perry's Shop (Revisited)

Collect all the valuables from the various rooms on this level, leaving the locked room to the west until the very last. Check the ledger on the shop desk to obtain another document and then use the razor tool to take the painting titled "The Grace of Insecurity" from the back room, claiming another collectible. The only collectible to acquire now is what you came for; the voice box. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (25/29)) Now head into the locked room and you will enter a small storage area. Grab the last few items worth any value and then open the wall safe to swipe the Automaton's Voice Box. You now have what you need, so it's time to leave. (Thieving Challenge: Lift all Loot Items "Lift all loot items" (29/29))

Objective 2: Escape the Pawnshop

You can leave by heading back to the basement and climbing on top of the crate you knocked down earlier. Another method is leaving through the locked north door which will return you right back to Butcher's Dock. Re-enter the abandoned house go upstairs and leave via the door that takes you back to Baron's Way South.

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