Stories from the City

Stories from the City is a three-part chronology about The City from different characters point of view; Basso, the Queen of Beggars and the Thief Taker General.


[edit] Basso's Gamble

[edit] Transcript

[edit] The Queen of Beggars Sees All

Originally released on December 18, 2013 it tells the thoughts of the City through the eyes of the mysterious Queen of Beggars. From it we learn the City is in turmoil and she has some relationship with master thief and game protagonist, Garrett

[edit] Transcript

"Let me tell you about the city, we both know a thing or two about survival. We have grown old together. Time and time again it has been brought down, only to rise from its own ashes. It is the hub at the center of the wheel, time turns but it remains. Stone by stone, bowl upon bowl, it always comes back to us. But this time it's different, the balance has shifted, the wheel has loosened from its axle. There will be blood, seeping, oozing, bleeding from every artery in the city. Can it be stopped? Is it an empty hand without a sword, a bow without an arrow? But still, there is one who may yet be the key, to be twisted in the right lock, the right door, the one who fears the light inside as much as the darkness. Yes, he will do nicely."

[edit] The Thief Taker General's Hunt

[edit] Transcript

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