The City

"The City is dying. Sickness spreads throughout the streets. A ruthless baron rules the streets, bent on achieving his twisted vision of progress at any cost. Yet as disease and suffering spread, so too does a fierce anger. This is a City on the brink of chaos with no saviour to be found, because for the only one who can save us, not being found is what he does best"

- Thief 101 trailer[1]
The City
The City is the main area in which the story of Thief takes place. A heavily industrialized area, it is governed by a tyrannical leader called Lord Northcrest who rules through militarized surveillance and where there is only good fortune for the elite.

The City acts as a hub for Garrett throughout Thief as a multi-layered area for Garrett to explore. Rooftops and the streets of The City are all fully explorable as are the houses in which people live in. The environment of the city changes as you progress through the story of Thief and the actions you take in each mission will inherently effect the nature of The City when you return. There are many items to find in the city, some easier to find than others, but will offer a reward to those who find the well hidden items. After each mission you will return to the Clock Tower and meet with Basso, it is from him that you will also collect missions. It Basso is not found in the clock tower, chances are you'll find him in the tavern. Also available are side missions, or jobs, that will require you to steal objects from people in locations you have already visited, each of these bring their own rewards also. While the City is a living and fully explorable area, it evolves with the game, meaning that not everywhere is accessible from the beginning. Parts of the city will open up as Garrett progresses through the story.[2]


[edit] Districts

[edit] Auldale

Main Article: Auldale

Auldale is one of the richest districts in The City, and homes some of the wealthiest people, such as the Nobles, in the city.

[edit] Notable Locations

[edit] Dayport

Main Article: Dayport

Dayport is a residential district within The City. As the name suggests at one point it may have been an industrialized area of the city with a heavy influence on trading, acting as a port for visiting ships.

[edit] Stonemarket

Main Article: Stonemarket

[edit] Other Locations

[edit] References

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