The Court of Montonessi

The Court of Montonessi is the last in a series of works by The City's irregular, some say disturbed, portrait painter Montonessi. He was incarcerated in Moira Asylum for the latter part of his life, where he painted some of his most particular pieces.

[edit] Court of Montonessi

Name Location Description
The Dangers of Seduction --- The back of this painting reads: "Being cold and being along are the same physical sensation. There's the sense of unrelenting pressure, and the indifference of the world. It's peaceful."
The Abundance of Emptiness --- Crazed words are scribbled on the back in spidery fountain pen script: "Intrigues leads to all kinds of russet adventures. Fresh-picked corn is the sensation most worth having!"
Living a Lie --- The back of this painting is covered in a series of bloody handprints.
Rutting out of Season --- Someone has written on the back of this painting in long, looping letters: "Flight is the greatest paradise of the unreturnable notion. Capitulate! All will be consumed."
What is There Cannot be Seen --- A small note is glued to the back of the painting: "There's an envious kind of freedom in the madness of an eye. I want to go there. I'll take my family."
The Grace of Insecurity --- There's a message written in small, shaky letters on the back: "What can evoke the beauty of the world? Raindrops on flower petals and bright, sunlit days? Everyone dies alone."
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