The Drop

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The Drop is the introduction and tutorial mission in Thief. You are Garrett as he arrives at the location of his next job at the request of Basso. Finding Erin already there you head for Eastwick's Manor to take an object called the Primal Stone.


[edit] Description

Basso warned tonight's job would be a dangerous one and to be ready for anything. Oddly he wouldn't give any more details but said to go to a marked house in The City. The full instructions will be found written on a secret note hidden inside. Basso was acting strangely. Something feels wrong tonight.

[edit] Walkthrough


+ Reach the drop location
++ Remain silent and out of sight
+ Move through the gardens
++ Remain silent and out of sight
+ Meet Erin on the roof
++ Remain out of sight
+ Steal Erin's claw

Objective 1: Reach the Drop Location

[edit] Area 1: Apartment

The Drop Loot 1.jpg
# Item
1 Cup
2 Knife
3 Saucer
4 Teacup
5 Pocket watch
6 Perfume Bottle
7 Coin Purce
8 Pen
9 Pocket portrait
10 Candlestick
11 Flask
12 Scissors

Begin by searching the room and taking anything of value. There is loot a-plenty in Thief so be sure not to miss a single thing. If you want you can snuff out a few candles and get to know what sorts of things you will be able to interact with in the game. At this point however you will not have access to your Focus ability. Snuffing out said candle will plunge them room into darkness, making it easier for you to slip through unnoticed. It is important you take the time to thoroughly look around the room before leaving, Thief isn't a game for speed, so be diligent and take as much time as you need before progressing to the next area. Once you have finished looking around the room, approach the open north window. Climb out of it and onto the wooden beam that spans the street below.

Direct your Attention
This walkthrough will commonly use directions such as North, East, South and West. It will be useful for you to use the in-game mini map as you follow the walkthrough. Press the Toggle Minimap button to bring up or hide the minimap. You can lock the minimap in place through the options.

Look down at the bustle of the streets below if you want to and enjoy the celebrations of the Summer Festival. In normal situations Garrett would easily be able to jump from such a height, but not on this occasion. When you reach the window on the other side, hold the interact button. Garrett will size up the window, then insert the lever. Rapidly tap the interact button to pry open the window and enter the building.

[edit] Area 2: Attic

The Drop Loot 2.jpg
# Item
1 The Glittering Plumage

The window will lead you into a rusty old attic. Pass through the curtains and into a room filled with bird cages. Any sudden movements will send them into a cacophonous frenzy to crouch and sneak through the room as to not disturb them. Also be wary about not bumping into the cages either.

Don't be Detected
Alerting the birds will hamper the chances of recieving the Ghost rating this chapter as you'll be detected a total of 10 times (one for each bird).

To view your statistical progress in a mission, open the Journal, select Player Progression, and then choose Statistics.

As you reach the end of the room there will be a painting on the East wall, approach it quietly and press the interact button. Feel around the edges of the painting until you discover a trigger switch. Press it and the painting will slide away reveal a concealed wall safe. Use the Lockpicking skill to feel around each pin until you have found a sweet spot (indicated on the screen as a white filled in dot) and set the pin in place. Once all three pins have been set, you can open the safe. Inside will be a precious necklace "The Glittering Plumage". Congratulations, you've obtain your first piece of Collectible Loot!

A loud noise is heard from the building's rooftop which sends the birds into a frenzy (Dont worry; your statistics will not be effected by this). Proceed through the nearby window to reach the rooftops known as the Thieves' Highway.

[edit] Area 3: Thieves' Highway, Part I

The Drop Loot 3.jpg

Maneuver around the wooden ledge to discover a small box that rests on a crate. Open the box to obtain a Rope Arrow. Open your inventory and select the Rope arrow you have just acquired - this will automatically cause Garrett to ready his bow, Rope Arrow poised to fire. Look up (and press the "observe" button) and notice a rope-wrapped wooden beam above you, this is known as an Anchor Beam. Use the Bow/Throw button to aim, then release the button to fire the rope arrow at the anchor beam. With the Rope Arrow now lodged in the anchor you can now climb the rope. When you reach the top of the rope, press the Jump/Climb/Run button again to leap off onto the nearest platform. An old friend of Garrett's awaits him on the roof top.

[edit] Rooftop Run

Erin reminds Garrett that Basso wants the two of them to work on this mission together. The thief girl then takes off, sprinting across the rooftops. Hold the Jump/Climb/Run button to pursue her across the roofs. The objective here is to simply chase Erin, watch as Garrett deftly jumps over obstacles whilst running.

Objective 2: Remain Silence and Out of Sight

[edit] Area 4: Back Alley

The Drop Loot 4.jpg
# Item
13 Scissors
14 Coin Purse
15 Coin Purse
16 Cup
17 Cup

The run ends in a long slide that leads you into a dark alley, crouching to sneak and avoid making noise. You will soon come to an intersection, approach the edge and press the interact button to peer down the street ahead. Garrett can opt to lean out further for a better view. Wait until the guards move down the street to continue further on. Collect a pair of scissors near the barrels in the alley's north end, the follow Erin down the street, remaining crouched for silence and picking up a Coin Purse as you go.

Light and Dark
Garrett is all but invisible when crouched in the shadows, but moving too quickly or making noise can give him away. It is therefore wise to crouch and sneak through the dark areas if you wish to remain undetected. The slower you sneak, the less likely you are to make noise or be seen. The Light Gem at the lower-left corner of the screen indicated whether Garrett is visible in the light or hidden in the shadows.

[edit] Area 5: Main Street

At the next intersection Erin will show off her new tool, The Claw. She uses it to climb a tall wall and reach the high walkway. You have no such tool (yet) so can't follow her up the wall. Peek around the street corner and you will see guards and civilians standing at either end of the street, their backs turned to you. You can not let them see or hear you. Remain crouched and sneak east, into the shadows on the other side of the street. Without leaving the shadow's collect another coin purse and a cup. Go north through the shadows to reach a ladder. Swipe another cup from the nearby barrel, then climb up to reach the rooftops.

[edit] Area 6: Thieves' Highway, Part II

The Drop Loot 5.jpg

Erin awaits for you on the rooftops, above the ladder, showing off her toy. Crouch and sneak past a large pipe in pursuit of Erin after she flees. Drop down on the lower rooftop and observe Erin in the window above. She challenges Garrett to see who can steal the most loot, then vanishes. Since you can't reach the window without the Claw, cross the nearby beam instead to the neighboring roof. Once there, hit a nearby crank with Garrett's Blackjack causing the ladder to drop within reach. Climb the ladder and sneak past more pipes, keep going until you catch sight of Erin again. She has already found something of value and excitedly leaps across to the next building. Run and jump through a nearby window to follow Erin into the building.

[edit] Area 7: Voyeur's Apartment

The Drop Loot 6.jpg
# Item
18 Scissors
19 Bracelet
20 Coin purse
21 Telescope
22 Ink bottle
23 Ring
24 Cup
1 Voyeur's Diary

The window leads to a well-lit apartment. Raid the cabinet and drawers in search of valuables. There are candles to snuff out should you so wish, however you're in no risk of getting caught - but it's fun to do nevertheless! The door leading to the next room is locked. Before picking the lock interact with it to peer through the keyhole. Remember to do this frequently before entering any new room to check to potential dangers, such as guards. Since there is no one on the other side of this door, lockpick it repeating the actions you performed on the wall safe behind the painting earlier. Enter the room and, again, snuff out more candles! Raid every draw, and be sure to swipe the valuable telescope on the desk too. Collect the note on the desk as well, reading it proves quite the interesting endeavor. There will be many documents such as this scattered around The City and other locations, be sure to pick them up! Lastly open the chest to discover more valuable inside. After the room has been fully plundered, climb through the north window and return to the rooftops.

[edit] Area 8: Thieves' Highway, Part III

For the third time you're now back on Thieves' Highway, eavesdrop on the civilians below before crossing the narrow beam that leads to the other roof. Once on the other side, pry open the window and enter the building.

[edit] Area 9: Drop Location

The Drop Loot 7.jpg
# Item
25 Cup
26 Ring
27 Necklace

Before heading up the stairs to meet Erin, search the rooms southeast wall to discover a loose brick. Press it to reveal the hidden cache of items stored inside. The treasure includes a valuable ring and necklace, pocket them for some cash and then sneak upstairs. Meeting Erin you discover the objective for the heist Basso wants the two of you to perform: Stealing the Primal Stone from Northcrest Manor.

Objective 3: Move through the Courtyard

[edit] Area 10: Courtyard

The Drop Loot 8.jpg
# Item
28 Wineglass

Follow Erin south, sneaking through the shadows to avoid detection. When Erin darts east, she passes through a patch of light to reach more shadows. Use the swoop technique to quickly and safely follow her. Swooping lets you move quickly from cover to cover, with little chance of being seen. Collect a wineglass after swooping to the shadows, then climb the short east wall to meet up with Erin. She’s peeking at a nearby guard to the south. This guard carries a coin purse. Sneak behind him and steal his gold.

[edit] Area 11: Fountain Court

The Drop Loot 9.jpg
# Item
29 Gold Coin
30 Gold Coin
31 Ashtray

After the guard has been pick pocketed he will move away to talk to another guard. Follow Erin south, vaulting over the railing to remain in the shadows. Ahead is a shallow brook, walking through it too quickly can cause Garrett to make too much noise. As you're walking through the brook, slowly, pick up the two gold coins on the ground near the bridge.

Alert Status Icons
If you move too quickly through the water, even while sneaking, the nearby guard will become curious at the sound. When an enemies curiosity increases, a "white eye" icon will appear above his head, this is known as a threat icon. The the icon will fill up with white the more curious he becomes. Move very slowly to avoid raising his suspicion level.

Nab the whine glass from the base of the south statue beyond the brook, then head onward east. Swoop through the patch of light to the safety of the shadows ahead. When you reach the east shadows, open the small box on the table to obtain three Water Arrows (these serve the purpose of extinguishing flame-based sources of light). Open your inventory and equip your new collected water arrow and aim for the torch on the east wall. Keep aiming until the reticule animates at which point you know your aim will hit the intended target. Loose the arrow at the torch and rid off the perilous light. Now with the torch no longer lit and emitting light you can safely, but slowly, cross the brook without the guards spotting you. Once passed the brook, take the ashtray from the foot of the stairs then scale them.

[edit] Two for the Takedown

Upon getting to the top of the stairs, watch Erin silently knock out a guard. The other guard will become interested in the disappearance of his comrade, you'll need to move quick to avoid him detecting you. Quietly sneak up behind him and knock him out with the Blackjack. Be sure to be quick about it before he notices his comrades body and becomes suspicious. Due to the knockout being a requirement for the purposes of this "tutorial level", the knockout won't be counted toward your statistics. Sneak over to Erin after the guard has been taken care of to find the guard she took down dead. Outraged by her carelessness, Garrett gives her a scolding at willingness to kill those who get in her way. Erin moves to a nearby tree after the scolding. The north gate is barred, but the south gate is just locked. Pick the lock to open the door. Erin speeds past you and scales the wall to reach higher ground.

Objective 4: Meet Erin on the Roof

[edit] Area 12: Ring Wing - Entry

The Drop Loot 10.jpg
# Item
32 Chess Piece
33 Gold Coin
34 Gold Coin
35 Ashtray
36 Pile of Coins
37 Pile of Coins

The scaffolding that Erin has scaled leads up to the roof. Without the aid of her nifty claw, you’ll have a harder time getting up there. A guard stands just ahead, facing directly at you. You’ll need to create a distraction to slip past. Collect one of the bottles form the nearby crate. Bottles such as these are known as throwables. Garrett can carry one throwable with him. After you collect a bottle, open the inventory and select it. With the bottle in hand, take aim and sneak toward the guard. While aiming with a throwable, an arch appears that indicates where Garrett will throw the item. Sneak close enough that you can throw the item behind the guard, then let it fly.

Throwables and You
Using a throwable to distract a guard almost always raises their suspicions. This causes a guard to move to investigate the disturbance, giving you a chance to slip past or knock them out from behind. However, this comes with the drawback of reducing your Ghost Playstyle rating, because you’ve raised a guard’s suspicion. Try to use throwables only when absolutely necessary. This distraction must be created at this point in the Prologue, so your statistics are not affected like they normally would be.

When the guard turns to inspect the noise, hurry and sneak into the dark west passage. You’re safe now. Snatch the valuable chess piece from the ground as you creep south. Wait for the guard to finish searching the area and return to his original position. After he does, sneak through the torchlight and collect a pair of gold coins near the east wall. After collecting the two gold coins, sneak back through the torchlight and climb the crate on the south gate’s west side. From there, climb on top of the gate.

[edit] Area 13: Right Wing - Courtyard

From the height of the gate, you have a perfect view of the south courtyard. Notice two guards here: One stands to the west, while the other patrols the courtyard with a torch. There’s no need to bother with these guards—you can simply tiptoe across the top of the gate and meet up with Erin at the east end of the scaffolding. But the guards are watching over several valuables, so it pays to face them. Watch the patrolling guard carefully to learn his route. When he walks east, away from his stationary comrade, carefully drop from the gate and land in the west shadows, not far from the stationary guard. Hug the west wall as you remain in the shadows, slipping behind the stationary guard. When you reach the south wall, open a small box to obtain two more water arrows. These can be used to douse the courtyard’s central brazier, helping you slip through the area undetected—but there’s no need to do so. In fact, this is actually the more challenging approach, for the guards will move to relight the brazier each time you douse it. Before you do anything, enter the nearby cabinet. Cabinets such as these serve as perfect hiding places from curious guards, though suspicious and alerted guards will often search them. Your progress is also saved whenever you enter a locker, so they double as checkpoints.

[edit] Courtyard Coinage

Wait for the patrolling guard to move away, then sneak up and pick the stationary guard’s pocket. Knock him out afterward, then press the Interact button to pick up the guard’s body. Drag the unconscious guard into the shadows before the patrolling guard returns.

Smooth Move
Hold the Melee Attack/Takedown button when performing a stealth takedown, and you’ll automatically grab the guard’s body after knocking him out. This sets you up to quickly dispose of the guard’s body. As a bonus, Garrett automatically loots the guard’s body when he picks him up. However, looting a guard in this fashion does not count as picking his pocket.

With the stationary guard out of commission, wait in the shadows for the patrolling guard to return. Continue to wait until he moves away again, then swoop up behind him, pick his pocket if you like, and knock him out as well.

No More Torchlight
Killing or knocking out a torch-carrying guard instantly extinguishes his torch. Whenever possible, try to take out the watchmen first.

With both guards down, you’re free to explore the courtyard. Swipe the ashtray from the central crate and be sure that you’ve looted both guards. Open the east chest to discover a few healthy piles of coin as well.

[edit] Reaching Erin

After plundering the courtyard, climb the north ladder to return to the top of the gate. Climb onto the east scaffolding, and you’ll see Erin on a nearby rooftop. She’s kindly lowered a rope for you. Jump out and grab the rope, then climb up to the roof. You arrive just in time to watch Erin take out another guard. She certainly seems capable of handling herself, but Garrett is afraid she’s taking things too far.

Objective 5: Steal Erin's Claw

As Erin inspects the passage ahead, leading to the finale of the prologue, steal her Claw tool while she is otherwise occupied. Erin and Garrett then continue to inspect the manor.

Chapter 01: Lockdown »

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