Theodore Eastwick

Theodore Eastwick
Eastwick Hanging.jpeg
Eastwick hanging in his study
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation The Watch [1]
Appearances Thief
Theodore Eastwick is a character that appears in Thief and is noted to be a wealthy nobleman who is The City's main architect. Many years ago he was supposedly headhunted by The Watch for his recognized genius, and was commissioned to build The Keep. He is known to frequent the House of Blossoms and features in a few of Garrett's many Missions.[2]

In one Mission, Garrett must infiltrate Theordore's House for the blueprints to The Keep. Due to Theodore's nature, his house is brimming with a multitude of secrets and hidden passageways interlinked to create a perilous maze containing countless traps which Garrett must navigate to fulfill his objective.

During the Chapter 4 mission "Friend in Need", after Garrett has infiltrated his manor and made his way to the study, there he will find the architect hanging by the neck from the ceiling in an apparant suicide.

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[edit] References

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