Thief 4 Image.jpg
Developers Eidos Entertainment Montréal
Publishers Square Enix
Directors Nicholas Cantin
Composer Luc St Pierre [1]
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One [2][3]
Release Dates NA February 25, 2014 [4]
AU February 27, 2014 [5]
EU February 28, 2014 [4]
Genre Stealth
Modes Single-player
Distribution Optical disk, download
Ratings Mature ESRB.png
Thief (Thief 4) is the fourth installment in a series of Stealth games belonging to the Thief series that is developed by Eidos Entertainment Montréal and published by Square Enix, It was released on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 25 in North America [4], February 27 in Australia [5] and February 28 in Europe. [4] Originally announced in 2009 as Thief 4, the game was officially announced in March 2013 by Game Informer.[4]


[edit] Plot

Set in a steampunk world, Garrett has been away from his home town for a long time, upon his return he is greeted with "a city of melting prosperity" now ruled by an iron-fisted Baron who crushes the city through militarized surveillance and where there is only good fortune for the elite. Having witnessed the ensuing chaos that has gripped the city, Garrett sees this an as opportunity to get rich. Unconcerned with becoming the hero the city requires, he finds his way into the Stonemarket district in the back of a covered wagon and watches the bodies of plague victims pile up on street corners. Guards quell small civil disputes with force and wealthy men stroll by with bodyguards. This is a city where “would-be revolutionaries preach to deaf ears while men in stockades slowly waste away”, and Garrett does nothing to stop it. [6][7]

[edit] Gameplay

In this game you control the character of Garrett, an accomplished master thief who steals from wealthy individuals for his own personal gain. As Garrett, players are required to maneavre their way through the levels using stealth to solve puzzles and over come obstacles and where violence is usually a last resort yielding less than effective results.

Throughout the game the choices the player makes as Garrett will impact on the outcome of the game [8], and throughout levels there will be multiple ways to reach the intended destination. [9], much like the gameplay seen in Dishonored. Players can use the environment and their stealth to take advantage of the various NPCs in the game, such as being able to Pickpocket characters should they be carrying any money or items about their person [6], should Garrett try to steal from other characters or items within the levels themselves whilst not sufficiently making sure he cannot be seen, characters that see or hear him will make the concerted effort of finding him and killing him. Depending on the character which Garrett draws the attention of, they will use different means of ascertaining his location. Each non-player character is built with the artificial-intelligence (AI) of awareness to the level design, and by extension, potential hiding spots that Garrett may be concealing himself in. [6][10]

Garrett using Focus to identify guards and oil patches to use Fire Arrows on
In order to help maintain stealth throughout the game, players are gifted with several abilities; the Focus ability which enhances Garrett's vision, highlighting areas which can be interacted with, such as bits of wood to fire Rope Arrows at, or lanterns that can be extinguished with the use of Water Arrows.[11] Focus can also slow down the progression of time, allowing the player more time to react to the events around them or taking the extra care in aiming and taking out enemies. This is also useful in the use of pick pocketing, allowing players to take more than one item in a short space of time, meaning less chance of discovery. Focus can also be used in conjuncture with other abilities, all of which can be upgraded as players progress through the game. [6][10] The second ability Garrett is given is Swoop, allowing him quick and seamless transfer from areas of shadow reducing the risk of getting found or seen by guards.[11]

Garrett uses the Blackjack, a collapsible,[12] compound bow used both for combat and for knocking out guards that may pose a problem. It can also be used to distract guards, drawing them away from your intended location. Garrett also has a claw which can be used in a similar fashion to a grapple. At the end of each mission, players can use money they have obtained (legally or otherwise) to upgrade items and purchase new weapons and ammunition.[6] Purchases of items as Poppy Flowers will be exceptionally useful for the game as Health and Focus do not restore over time and as such are finite commodities throughout levels.[11]

[edit] Modes

When prompted to begin a New Game in Thief, you are given the option of the difficulty setting; Easy, Medium, and Hard. Furthermore there is a fourth option, Custom which provides an incredible array of diverse and challenging gameplay style alterations.[13]

[edit] Custom Difficulty Mode

Much like the prompt for beginning a New Game, you can select the Easy, Medium, and Hard modes - as well as any combination of the following modes with no limitations. It has been stated that a leaderboard for this aspect will be available with the player's score dependent upon the difficulty setting, and how many additional modes they complete Thief with.

These are further broken down into 3 categories:

  • Classic Thief Modes, aimed to replicate previous games style within the Thief franchise.
    • No Focus - No access to the Focus ability or any pertaining aspects.
    • Chapter Save Only - Only one save is allowed, at the beginning of a Mission
    • Stealth Takedown Only - Other methods of dispatching an opponent are prevented.
  • Legendary Mode, these options provide a significant increase in difficulty and will heavily influence tactical elements.
    • Take No Damage - Play through Thief with 1HP.
    • Slow Movement - Garrett has heavily reduced reflex's which will make even ordinary situations tactically troublesome.
  • Ultimate Mode, delivers the definitive harsh and demanding Thief experience.
    • Iron Man - Failure in any objective results in Game Over, where by you must start from the very beginning.
  • Category - Unknown
    • No Kill, No Knock-Out - As the name suggests, you have to play the pacifist.
    • Expert Mode - Unable to knock-out civilians.

[edit] Features

[edit] Companion App

Main Article: Thief Companion App

The Thief Companion app is an application released for iOS and Android in 2014 to coincide with the release of Thief. The app will be released in two stages; the lite version which will be available in January 2014 which will give users access to the latest news, screenshots, art work, trailers and in-depth descriptions of character bios and details of the story. This will be free. The full version will be released on the launch of the game and will include the following features:

  • Direct link to the game to track your stats and stolen loot
  • Official Wiki created in partnership with IGN
  • Official interactive digital maps created by Prima
  • Issues #1 and #2 of the Official Thief digital comics created by Dark Horse Comics
  • Exclusive artwork and background content direct from the dev team
  • Access to official Thief merchandise

The full version will be released for the price of $2.99 / €2.69 / £1.99, but free as a pre-order incentive from Gamestop.[14]

[edit] Development

Thief was originally announced as Thief 4 (working title) in 2009, which surfaced after rumors of another Thief game was in development. The game was handled by a different team at Eidos Montréal than those that worked on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.[15] During the concept phase of the team, the team creating and developing the game was initially kept small, it was during this phase in development that several ideas were concted that never made it the final cut, such as ; third-person perspective, new protagonist and environmental chambering as seen in the Assassin's Creed franchise.[6][16] "We're in the early development stages for Thief 4, but this is an incredibly ambitious project and a very exciting one. It's too early for us to offer any specific game details. Right now, we are focused on recruiting the very best talent to join the core team at the studio and help us make what we believe will be one of the most exciting games on the market." said D'Astous, quoted on the Eidos Montreal main page for saying the game was in early developmental stages.[17] Soon after the game was teased by D'Astous, rumors were surfacing that several of the big names from the studio had left, however he countered these arguments by saying "We will be able to be a little more communicative later on, hopefully before the year's end. Right now, Thief is our priority and we're putting everything behind it to make sure it's as successful as our first game"[18][19]

Original concept for the game state that it was initially planned for current console (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3), but during development it switched to Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well.[20] This news was later confirmed in March 2013 when the cover edition of Thief's Game Informer was published, announced as "coming to PC, Playstation 4 and other next-gen consoles." It was also revealed the game wasn't a sequel to the previous Thief series games, but a reboot of the franchise itself. This removed the working title of Thief 4 to just "Thief."[8]

[edit] Reception

The game has received mixed reviews from gaming websites with some praising its game for its core focus on stealth gameplay, level design, graphics on current and next generation consoles as well as its replay value with the competitive nature of levels, but criticized it for its map layout, technical issues such as drops in the frame rate and overall story. Neoseeker was one of the sites to praise the game for it's call back to the original games "The new Thief is a fantastic reimagining of an acclaimed franchise that’s mired in nostalgia. This is every bit the stealth game as those before it were, and Garrett is very much still the antihero we all fell in love with years ago. Still, even the most avid fan can expect some major surprises along way"[21] and gave the game 9/10, yet IGN gave the game a 6.8/10. When describing the game's protagonist Garrett they said "His indiscriminate kleptomania makes him seem more like a petty thief than a master, though. And he doesn’t have the charm, either in his flat voice acting or his lame, poorly lip-synced dialogue to make him a loveable Robin Hood rogue rather than some jerk who goes around swiping utensils off innocent people’s tables."[22]

[edit] PC Requirements

[edit] Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista with platform update
CPU: High-performance dual core CPU or quad core CPU
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 4800 series / Nvidia GTS 250
DirectX: DirectX 10

[edit] Recommended Specs

OS: Windows 7 or 8
CPU: AMD FX 8000 series or better / Intel i7 Quad Core CPU
RAM: 4+ GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 series or better / Nvidia GTX 660 series or better
DirectX: DirectX 11

[edit] Editions

[edit] Master Thief Digital Download

This edition is available only to PC users for the cost of $52.99.

  • Thief (PC)
  • Official Digital Artbook - stunning concept art that offers a sneak peek into the shadowy world of Thief
  • Digital Comic - Delve deeper into the shroud surrounding Thief's obscure world with this complete collection of digital comic books.
  • Digital Soundtrack - a remarkable collection of THIEF tracks.
  • Booster Pack - Get access to an exclusive bundle of optional in-game consumables that can empower you
  • THE BANK HEIST in-game mission: Infiltrate the City's most secure location, Stonemarket. First Bank, to steal a coveted family heirloom called the Star of Auldale. To this day, this heavily guarded and treacherous place remains impregnable, but that's about to change...
    • A challenging mission that will put your thieving skills to the test.
    • Outsmart security measures found exclusively in this mission
    • Search for the Bank's unique loot and many other secrets
    • A true homage to the Bank mission in Thief II: The Metal Age. [23]

[edit] Bank Heist

  • Thief (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Digital Soundtrack - a remarkable collection of THIEF tracks.
  • Companion App
  • * THE BANK HEIST in-game mission: Infiltrate the City's most secure location, Stonemarket. First Bank, to steal a coveted family heirloom called the Star of Auldale. To this day, this heavily guarded and treacherous place remains impregnable, but that's about to change...
    • A challenging mission that will put your thieving skills to the test.
    • Outsmart security measures found exclusively in this mission
    • Search for the Bank's unique loot and many other secrets
    • A true homage to the Bank mission in Thief II: The Metal Age.[24]

[edit] The Art of Thief

Main Article: The Art of Thief

With the exceptional heritage, critical acclaim and tremendous sales of the Thief franchise, fans of the series will be delighted to add this book to their collection in anticipation of the new Thief game.The Art of Thief demonstrates the stunning concept and development art from the eagerly anticipated next-gen console game, Thief. The Art of Thief will be released day and date to coincide with the launch of the long awaited Thief game. The Art of Thief is the perfect companion for fans of the Thief franchise. The Thief videogame series has achieved tremendous sales and been praised by numerous respected media sources, such as The Washington Post, The LA Times, and The New York Times. The Thief games have often been praised for innovating the stealth genre and have accumulated a dedicated and loyal fanbase consisting of millions of people worldwide.The new Thief game will be heavily promoted as it will feature on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, which have both received international media and online attention.[25]

[edit] Media

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Concept Art

[edit] Videos

[edit] Community Candle Tease

[edit] Out of the Shadows

[edit] Garrett the Master Thief - E3 2013 Trailer

[edit] "Uprising" Gamescom 2013 Trailer

[edit] The Bank Heist Preorder Trailer

[edit] Gameplay Trailer

[edit] Channeling the Primal (VGX 2013 Trailer)

[edit] VGX 2013 Pre-show

[edit] Thief 101 Trailer

[edit] Stories from the City - Part 1 - "Basso's Gamble"

Main Article: Stories from the City

[edit] Stories from the City - Part 2 - "The Queen of Beggars Sees All"

Main Article: Stories from the City

[edit] Stories from the City - Part 3 - "The Thief Taker's Hunt"

Main Article: Stories from the City

[edit] Launch Trailer

[edit] References

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