Thief Taker General

"This city doesn't deal in favours, and neither do I"'

- Thief Taker General.[1]
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Thief Taker General
Gender Male
Age Late 30s[2]
Affiliation Garrett
Appearances Thief
Thief Takeer General is a character that appears in Thief. He is the Baron's right-hand man and the ruthless commander of The Watch. Whilst he may work for the Baron, he is only loyal to himself and demands respect from the men beneath him, only concerned with satiating his lust and greed.

Prior to The City falling into a chaotic state the Thief Taker General upheld a good reputation and was to be considered a hero within The Watch due to his success in capturing criminals who ran rampant. However behind the scenes he was corrupt and known to extort members of the underworld with his newly created "black tax", and in return would grant those who paid immunity against The Watch. He is tasked with finding, capturing and sentancing the criminals, more so the thieves, rife in The City. His ambition is to capture the elusive "master thief", Garrett.[1]

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