Unique Loot

Unique Loot are items that Garrett pillages from the areas he visits to add to his own personal collection, and not to sell.

Name Mission Location
The Glittering Plumage The Drop In the safe on the top floor in the room filled with birdcages. Look behind the painting and unlock the safe. The necklace will be inside.
Lyegrove's Jewelled Mask Lockdown In the cellar to Serendi Jewellers, look behind the painting. The safe combination is hidden in Lyegrove's Letter on the desk also in the cellar. Unlock the safe and the mask will be inside.
Soul of the Automaton Dust to Dust
Ancient Figurine Dirty Secrets
Morendum Medal Friend in Need
Mechanical Eye The Forsaken
Heart of the Lion A Man Apart
City Artifact The Hidden City
The Golden Keep Ector's Emporium (Location)
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